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10 airports where your flight is most likely to be canceled in the United States

This is the list of airports where travelers have had to alter their travel plans this summer the most.



Travelers have experienced a constant flow of flight cancellations at airports around the nation all summer long. However, if you only fly out of a few hubs, the situation is really awful.

According to a Bloomberg article based on an analysis by AirHelp, a company that aids travelers in processing claims due to flight cancellations, although the average American airport saw 2.6% of its flights canceled between May 27 and July 15, the number was much higher at 10 airports.

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These were the 10 worst airports for cancellations over the time, according to an analysis by AirHelp of 37,000 cancellations at 400 U.S. airports.

7.7% of flights at LaGuardia Airport in New York City were canceled.

Philadelphia International Airport (Philadelphia): 3.8% Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (Cleveland): 3.8% Newark Liberty International Airport (Newark, New Jersey): 7.6% Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (Arlington, Virginia): 5.9% Pittsburgh International Airport (Pittsburgh): 4.1% Boston Logan International Airport (Boston): 4% Charlotte Douglas International Airport (Charlotte, North Carolina): 3.8%

“Cancellations can happen for a variety of reasons, but in general we frequently find a larger concentration of cancellations and flight disruptions at airports that are heavier in traffic, which is true for airports in the New York area,” an unnamed AirHelp spokesperson was quoted by Bloomberg as saying.

According to Bloomberg, the situation is unlikely to improve by the end of September.

Thurs. (3.6% of all flights) and Fridays (3.2% of all flights) had the highest rates of flight cancellations. On the other hand, Mondays (1.9%) and Tuesdays (1.8%) have the lowest likelihood of cancellations.

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