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10 Claims that ET is not a great movie

E.T. made a splash when it hit theaters 40 years ago, and people still have opinions to share online about the movie, as well as its place in sci-fi films of today.



As Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi adventure E.T. approaches its 40th anniversary of being shown in theaters, moviegoers online have started to discuss the movie and give their own personal hot takes about the genre-defining work of cinema.

When it comes to analyzing movies, especially those that are regarded as masterpieces or classics, Reddit is a center for dissenting views online. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a sizable number of people have opinions about Spielberg’s film that differ from the general consensus online.

E.T. Looks Abhorrent

There’s something surprisingly frightening about E.T.’s practical design for a movie that’s supposed to be for families. It’s possible that this was done on purpose, and it definitely explains why the government moved so quickly to remove him, but a lot of kids seemed to be particularly scared.

One Reddit user with particularly strong emotions regarding the design of E.T comments, “I’ve been scarred by the movie as a youngster and had nightmares for years.” I still find it difficult to look at him without feeling frightened and repulsed, they continued.

It Has Poorly Aged

Despite receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews when it was first released in 1982, many moviegoers have found that E.T. doesn’t quite hold up as well today. Many people think that E.T. should remain in the 1980s, whether it is due to the poorly developed practical effects or the largely predictable plot.

The statement that E.T. is one of Spielberg’s best films is disputed by Reddit user jordanmmac1995, who writes, “I agree it was wonderful for its time, but if I were to see it now, it would only be if I was being held hostage and forced to watch it.” However, there is no doubting that E.T. has had a significant impact on the sci-fi genre, inspiring increasingly intricate films and TV shows with extraterrestrial themes.

It Has Incredible Lighting

There are several technical features of E.T. that are frequently appreciated, but one that is rarely brought up is the movie’s lighting. Spielberg’s unorthodox use of lighting contributes to the dreamlike tone that makes E.T such a unique movie, as Reddit user torrent4dayz points out.

They praise the film’s visual innovation and point out how this serves to create a very distinct atmosphere, writing, “I adore how different sorts of light shine differently, how different types of silhouettes may be depicted.”

It Isn’t Unique

E.T., directed by Steven Spielberg, was hailed for a while as one of the decade’s most imaginative and unique movies. But according to Reddit user motorbiker1985, there is a good case to be made that Steven Spielberg didn’t come up with the concept, therefore the plot might not be as original as it seems.

There are many parallels between the two, leading some to assume that Spielberg was influenced by “some eastern bloc TV drama” that aired two years before Spielberg’s film was put into production. Although it’s improbable that Spielberg would plagiarize an idea in this way, it’s possible that he was moved by a tale with a similar premise.

It Includes The best score by John Williams

Out of all the well-known Hollywood composers, John Williams has unquestionably had one of the most outstanding careers; with credits like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park, it’s easy to see why. However, Reddit user yourballcourt considers Williams’ score for the film E.T. to be his best work to date.

They note the significance of Williams’ music in the development of Spielberg’s narrative, saying, “The bike pursuit is the best scene in the movie, and it’s fully driven by the score.” The two complement one another, and neither would function as well as it does without the other.

Actually, it works better with older audiences.

Although the movie is geared at families and small children, Reddit user legitiamjack expresses the unpopular belief that E.T. is actually superior when viewed by adults. They are able to appreciate all the intricate intricacies and expert craftsmanship displayed in this way.

They write, “I watched it when I was 14 and despised it, since then I grew quite a bit and enjoyed it a lot more,” demonstrating how many elements of the movie aren’t fully apparent until people are a little bit older. Perhaps it also helps that in the movie E.T., the kids are made to play the parts of the adults.

The Characters Don’t Make Sense

Some Reddit users don’t believe the characters in E.T. live up to Spielberg’s customary caliber of creating likable characters that audiences can connect with. One of the problems with the characters, according to Redditor animewhitewolf, is that they’re “annoying” and less intriguing than E.T.

The heroes of E.T. begin to feel lot more forgettable when viewers realize that Spielberg was behind the creation of characters like Indiana Jones, Martin Brody from Jaws, and Captain Miller from Saving Private Ryan. The story itself is one of his most wonderful, therefore it’s a terrible tragedy.

It’s actually frightful

Despite the fact that E.T. is marketed as a family film, many fans feel that the movie, whether it is due to E.T.’s design or the plot itself, is actually quite frightful for younger audiences. The story still contains plenty of magic and instructive lessons, but some parts, according to Reddit user srike71109, are truly “frightening.”

Writers do so, “I’m still troubled by the image of [E.T.] stretching his neck… Although I’ve never been able to watch the entire film, I can still recall the few sequences that I was made to sit through back in the day.” Although most people undoubtedly wouldn’t categorize E.T. as a typically spooky film, it is evident that many younger audiences were affected by it.

It’s one of director Spielberg’s worst works.

Despite the fact that E.T. is regarded by many as one of Steven Spielberg’s best films, some Reddit users disagree that it belongs on a list of his best work. Few would dispute Spielberg’s impact on filmmaking, yet others tend to think E.T. is his least spectacular and lowest-quality film from that time period.

“I don’t comprehend the devotion to E.T. It’s not among the top ten Spielberg films, in my opinion “Reddit user thegame81677 makes a post. They give high marks to a number of Spielberg’s other films (such as Schindler’s List and Jaws), but they just don’t think there is anything in E.T. that matches the grandeur Spielberg is obviously capable of.

It Is Steven Spielberg’s Best Picture

Calling it E.T. Spielberg’s best or worst film is an unpopular opinion in the same way that calling it his worst is. The majority of people would rank Spielberg’s films with “E.T.” somewhere in the center, however some Reddit users think that the movie is truly his “greatest film.”

E.T. is undoubtedly one of his most entertaining movies, even though it may not be his most prestigious work to date. The plot twists and turns are quite imaginative, and the main dynamic between E.T. and the kids is very entertaining. This is the reason why so many E.T. fans are requesting a legacy sequel at some point in the near future.

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