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10 Speedsters that Marvel has yet to debut in their movies

MCU’s speedsters are superhero fans’ top choice for seeing at some point in the future.



The lack of Speedsters in the MCU following Quicksilver’s passing appears to be ending with Speed and Makkari’s appearances in Wandavision and The Eternals. The absence of Speedsters in the MCU has been a major issue throughout the years because having super-speed is an incredibly fascinating power to have.

But there are several Speedsters in the pages of Marvel Comics who will soon make their film debuts as either heroes or villains in a variety of current or prospective series.

Ariana Saddiqi, better known as Black Racer, is a supervillain with the ability to move at incredible speeds (which she uses to commit heists and battle the likes of Captain America, alongside her team The Serpent Squad).

She might be a potential foe in Captain America: New World Order or a later season of Falcon and The Winter Soldier because of her fights with Sam Wilson in the comics. Additionally, Black Racer might later join The Thunderbolts in Thunderbolts as an anti-hero seeking atonement for past transgressions.

Alpha Flight and The X-Men both count Aurora as a member, and she is a mutant with the ability to move at superhuman speeds.

After the mutant bombshell in Ms. Marvel, it won’t be long until mutants like Aurora make their MCU debut, just like Deadpool did (who will soon join the 616 timeline in Deadpool 3). Aurora might feature in a variety of various projects, including a future Deadpool or X-Men project, as well as a solo Alpha Flight show or movie at some time in the future.

A Whizzer

In an effort to save Robert L. Franks from a fatal snake bite, mongoose blood was put into his veins. However, a peculiar interaction between his mutant genes and the mongoose blood gave him extraordinary speed, transforming him into the villain The Whizzer (who fought in WW2 and has battled The Avengers in the modern day).

In Jessica Jones, Jay Klaitz played a significantly retconned version of The Whizzer. This means that a more evil and serious version of the villain might make their live action debut, either as a foe of The New Avengers or in prequel storylines. However, this shows canonicity to the MCU has not yet been formally established.

Quick Forward

Buried Alien, also known as Fast Forward, is the fastest speedster to ever appear in Marvel Comics. His name is a pun on the DC hero. Fast Forward claims he only remembers racing as quickly as he could to save his universe and that he has amnesia and is from another universe.

It would be quite simple to introduce this character in the 616 timeline and have him be the universe’s fastest speedster, exactly like in the comics, given the MCU’s recent investigation of the multiverse. Given that The Flash will shortly be released, it would be quite clever of Marvel to present their live-action homage to The Flash, perhaps with Grant Gustin playing a former Flash. This is because it is indicated that Fast Forward is actually DC’s Barry Allen.

When Blur

A retro-virus gave Stanley Stewart incredible speed, transforming him into the superhero The Blur. Later, he joined The Squadron Supreme and engaged in combat with the Avengers, squaring off against Black Panther in the decisive battle.

There is a good likelihood that The Blur will join the squad when they make their debut because there are whispers that the Squadron Supreme might receive their own MCU solo project. Due to his connections to Africa and the continent’s fictional superheroes, Stanley Stewart may possibly show up in a later part of the Black Panther series.

Fast Demon

James Sanders, a regular chemist, transformed into Speed Demon, a supervillain with superhuman speed, after making a bargain with the grandmaster to obtain super speed. Speed Demon has evolved into a more relatable and low-risk antagonist in recent years, despite the fact that his early stories were more cosmic in nature.

Speed Demon is a worthy opponent of a future Spider-Man movie as a member of either of these teams, as he primarily targets Spider-Man and has even joined The Sinister Syndicate and Sinister Six over the years. Due to his previous appearances as a Thunderbolt in the comics, it is also possible that this villain will join the Thunderbolts as a team member.

Running Man

An Elder Of The Cosmos named Gilpetperdon has committed his life to being the fastest being in the universe in order to realize his one and only ambition: becoming the first being to observe the entirety of the universe. This character, who is likely the quickest in the Marvel universe, is a very powerful person that uses his talents to take on very strong villains (such as Thanos).

Due to his position as an Elder Of The Universe and his travels throughout all of space, The Runner might appear in a wide range of cosmic enterprises. There is a slight possibility that this character, who is The Silver Surfer’s buddy and Galactus’ and Annihilus’ opponent, would show up in a subsequent Fantastic Four film if the group needs a super-strong ally to help them in cosmic conflict.


Slingshot is the alias of Yo-Yo Rodriguez, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who has the ability to move at superspeed because to her father’s mutant DNA. Natalia Córdova-Buckley plays this character, who first featured in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and now stars in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Slingshot.

Due to her absence from any MCU films or Disney + programs, Yo-Yo may not have ever been in the official 616 timeline, depending on how canonical Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is. But this adored character needs to come back to the big screen and make her formal MCU debut, perhaps in an X-Men or S.H.I.E.L.D. or S.H.I.E.L.D. project or in a S.H.I.E.L.D. or Secret Invasion-related plot.


The X-Men and Alpha Flight member Jean-Paul Beaubier is a mutant speedster who later worked as a teacher at the Xavier Institute. The twin brother of Aurora, who this heroic figure with a tragic past loves dearly and spends a lot of time guarding, is.

Northstar might make her MCU debut in the near future, joining groups like The X-Men or Alpha Flight. Given that Northstar is the fastest mutant and Quicksilver is already deceased in the MCU universe, Northstar might replace Quicksilver as the primary speedster for The X-Men. Possibly joining the group relatively early in their MCU storyline to set the MCU’s X-Men roster apart from the Fox-era lineup.

Hermes Hermes, the son of Zeus and the God of Speed, serves as a conduit between the Gods. Hermes had a troubled past with Thor and Loki and served as a messenger between The Olympians and The Asgardians during their conflict.

Due to Thor’s effort to assassinate his Father, Zeus, and Hermes’ connections to Zeus and Hercules, who had their film debuts in Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s possible that Hermes will make his film debut later in the Thor franchise as an opponent of Thor. Hermes might make his debut in this god-centered franchise, but with his connections to other teams like The Eternals, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers, there are countless more options.

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