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10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have Recently Been Seen On Raw

Monday Night Raw is WWE’s flagship show, and many wrestlers are synonymous with the red brand.



Since the program’s launch almost thirty years ago, several wrestlers have experienced historic moments on Monday Night Raw. Wrestlers began becoming more closely linked with the specific brand they were representing, whether it was Raw or SmackDown, however, after the original WWE brand extension in 2002.

WWE chose to make their wrestlers brand-exclusive once more in 2016, even though the original brand expansion did eventually stop in 2011. The corporation still sort of adheres to this policy today. These are some of the wrestlers who mostly competed for the red brand during both iterations of the brand extension over the course of the years.

Van Dam, Rob

The most exciting ECW wrestler roster joined WWE as a part of The Alliance in the summer of 2001. Having won two midcard titles and participated in a brief match with Steve Austin less than a year after joining WWE, Van Dam joined the Raw roster and rapidly became one of the show’s most well-liked performers.

Throughout the ensuing years, as a Raw person, he participated in a ton of fantastic matches, with the Ladder fights with Christian and Eddie Guerrero coming to mind first. As one of the red brand’s standout performers, RVD also shared memorable moments with stars like Booker T and Kane, with whom he held the tag team championship. Additionally, RVD lost to ‘The Game’ at Unforgiven 2002 and was the first wrestler to take on Triple H for the recently introduced World Heavyweight Championship on pay-per-view.

Stratus, Trish

Trish Stratus is one of the few wrestlers who has never changed brands during either of the brand extensions over the years. A week after WrestleMania 18, after Trish had unsuccessfully fought for the Women’s Championship in her hometown of Toronto, the Canadian superstar was selected to join Raw in the inaugural Draft.

Trish was without a doubt the face of the WWE’s female division at that time from that point on until her historic retirement battle against Lita for the title at Unforgiven 2006 (also in Toronto). In feuds with Victoria, Mickie James, and especially Lita, Stratus produced the goods at a time when the Divas division lacked any focus or direction.


Speaking about Lita, she shared the Ruthless Aggression Era with her Canadian adversary the same level of association with the Raw brand as the four-time Women’s Champion. Similar to Trish Stratus, Lita was selected by Raw at the first Draft in 2002, and she remained with the red brand up until her retirement at Survivor Series 2006, where she lost the Women’s Championship to Mickie James.

Throughout the first four years of the “brand extension era,” Lita was consistently one of the highlights of Raw, regardless of the role she was playing. Whether it was as a daring member of Team Xtreme alongside The Hardy Boyz, as Kane’s wife during his feud with Matt Hardy, as Edge’s partner in the main events as he went after the WWE Championship, or as a competitor going up against Trish for the Women’s Championship, Lita was always a significant part of Monday Night Raw.


Although it’s possible that few people anticipated this entry, Goldust spent the most of the Raw brand extension as a wrestler. Actually, from 2009 to 2010, while Goldust was a member of ECW, that was the only time he missed an episode of Raw. After ECW was cancelled in February 2010, he briefly moved to SmackDown, but he returned to Raw at the Draft in April after spending just two months without making a single appearance on the blue brand.

The Goldust gimmick peaked years earlier during the New Generation Era, when Goldust repeatedly won the Intercontinental Title, hence Dustin Rhodes was never given a lot of screen time on Raw during that time. He continued to be a semi-regular presence, with his remarkable collaboration with Booker T in 2002 serving as the highlight. When the second brand extension occurred, Goldust returned to Raw with R-Truth, his current tag team partner. Up to his final departure for AEW in early 2019, he was on the red brand.

Strowman, Braun

When he made his WWE debut in August 2015, Braun Strowman was by far the least impressive member of the Wyatt Family. But as the brand extension was reintroduced in July 2016, everything for Braun changed. He dramatically transformed his appearance and embarked on a road of devastation in his first few months as a singles wrestler after becoming the only member of the Family to attend Raw.

After just one conflict with Roman Reigns, the possibilities for WWE’s new resident monster were endless.

With the exception of the year he spent on SmackDown when the show moved to FOX, Braun was a consistent fixture on Raw every week from that point until his departure from WWE in June 2021. Ironically, Strowman won the Intercontinental and Universal singles titles that year on the blue brand, but his most memorable moments in the WWE occurred on Raw, specifically during his feuds with men like Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley.

As soon as Chris Jericho Y2J made his WWE debut, Monday Night Raw became synonymous with him. By interrupting The Rock, he made one of the best WWE debuts ever. When the brand extension was originally announced, Jericho was first selected for SmackDown, but it didn’t take long for the current AEW star to find himself over on the red brand.

Until his first WWE exit in 2005, when he lost to John Cena in his final night on a Raw broadcast, Jericho would never leave the show. When Jericho returned in December 2007, he rejoined the Raw roster once more. The following year, he engaged in one of his greatest feuds ever with Shawn Michaels, and in 2008, he also won the World Heavyweight Championship. Later, during the first year of the second brand extension, he was also Raw’s main attraction.

R.I.C. Flair

The Nature Boy was one of the most exciting segments of Monday Night Raw every week during the Ruthless Aggression Era, despite the fact that he may have been in his twilight years as a WWE wrestler. At the time of the first WWE Draft, Flair actually owned Raw, but he lost that title to Vince McMahon in a bout in June 2002. Before Evolution, Flair went on to a brief program with Chris Jericho.

Flair spent the following three years guiding Randy Orton and Batista as they rose through the ranks of the WWE while doing everything in his power to keep Triple H’s grip on the World Championship. Following the conclusion of Evolution and a conflict with Triple H, Flair engaged in numerous victories over young wrestlers like Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, and Umaga. In the latter half of 2005, Flair also had a brief run with the Intercontinental Championship.

Brendan Michaels

Shawn Michaels is one of the very few wrestlers that remained loyal to one company during his entire eight-year “second career.” During that period, The Heartbreak Kid had a ton of memorable matches, incidents, and feuds. He even took home the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series 2002 in the first-ever Elimination Chamber match.

With Triple H, Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, John Cena, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, and many others, Shawn engaged in some of the most illustrious feuds of those years. Additionally, who could ever forget Shelton Benjamin’s amazing rendition of Sweet Chin Music?

Cena John

In the early 2000s, John Cena first gained notoriety on SmackDown, where he also developed as a wrestler and established himself as a main eventer. However, Cena spent the most of his career on Raw after switching to the red brand in the 2005 WWE Draft as the defending champion. Less than two months later, Chris Jericho’s WWE career came to an end when John Cena won a Loser Leaves WWE match against him to keep his title.

Despite not always being the most well-liked person around, Cena spent the rest of the decade (and beyond) as the face of Raw, fighting for the WWE Championship in main events with a variety of competitors. During his first year on Raw, his conflict with Edge helped to solidify him, and he never looked back after that.

Three H

Triple H’s name will always be associated with Monday Night Raw, for better or worse. During the early years of the Ruthless Aggression Era, he repeatedly held the World Heavyweight Championship and defeated everyone from Shawn Michaels to Booker T to Goldberg to Randy Orton before Batista ended the “rule of terror” for good at WrestleMania 21.

With the exception of a brief stint in 2008 as SmackDown’s WWE Champion, “The Game” spent the remainder of his career competing on Monday Night Raw. In the late 2000s, after winning the WWE Championship a few more times, he notably rejoined DX with Shawn Michaels a few times.