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10 year-old Anderson Silva is the youngest trans model to walk New York runway

Even though Noella is a little girl, she is seen as an adult.



One child model walked the runway at New York Fashion Week in 2022 and changed the course of fashion forever.

Noella McMaher, age 10, made history as the first transgender model to walk the runway at New York City’s biggest fashion show.

The young cover girl, all of four years old, has already begun the process of adjusting to her new social environment. At the age of seven, she legally changed her name.

Nothing can make Noella anxious or scared. She’s a little pro!” exclaimed the little model’s mother, Dee McMaher, to Metro UK. She couldn’t wait to walk the catwalk in front of an audience and a swarm of photographers. She is a master at manipulating an audience.

Noella put in her time at the Trans* Clothing Company, a label that caters to trans and gender nonconforming people of all orientations and sizes, working for designer Mel Atkinson.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Noella’s participation in New York Fashion Week as the first transgender child. Mom Dee gushed, “We are in awe of her confidence and determination. Countless transgender people of all ages have reached out to Noella for help and guidance.

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Noella’s parents claim their daughter first insisted she wasn’t a boy when she was two years old.

Given her tender years, she often threw temper tantrums and flat-out refused to dress as a boy. She was trying to express herself, but she couldn’t find the right words.

I should have known better; she resented anything masculine, so I took her to a gender clinic.

When Noella was four years old, her parents took her to therapy, where she proudly told the doctor that she identified as a female.

She blossomed when we let her be herself, and it was then that we saw her true potential.

Even though Noella’s parents insist she’s still too young to undergo a medical transition, she became outwardly transgender at the age of four. She legally changed her name when she was seven. That same year, she also embarked on a career as a fashion model.

Dee reflected on how amazing it was to watch her accept herself. The fear of public performance does not bother her at all.

The mother explained, “As the parent of a transgender child, it is my responsibility to safeguard her.” She’s ten, but she has a lot of confidence and maturity for her age. She hopes to be an example to other transgender youth that it is acceptable to undergo a social transition and be themselves.

Dee revealed to Forbes that she and her partner “are also transgender.” Noella made the change long before we did. She has more confidence than anyone I know. Whenever I see her, I tell her, “When I grow up, I want to be just like you.”

However, according to Mom, Noella’s brother has finally had enough. My son has had a talk with us and he is a boy and he is not changing.

Noella’s career has only been around for a short time, but she is already booked solid with modeling gigs through November.