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11 Pizzerias Not to Miss

We created a Naples pizza guide after eating in their restaurants for one month. We have 11 suggestions of places to eat for those who are looking for their own Naples pizza tour.



Some travelers via Naples never have a chance to see the gritty, rural city. They might be stopping by for the day while on a Mediterranean cruise, or they might be alarmed by the seedy Piazza Garibaldi neighborhood next to Naples’ Central Train Station.

Naples has its share of chaotic and unclean areas, let’s face it. If you tend to base your judgments on first impressions, we beg you to continue and enjoy one of Europe’s greatest vacation jewels, which has incredible food and fantastic gelato.

During our first trip to Naples in 2014, we fell in love with both the city and the Neapolitan pizza. The city’s charms, such nonnas arguing in neighborhood markets and washing hanging off balconies in winding lanes, made us feel at home. While confusing to some, this pandemonium helped us fall in love with the gritty Italian food metropolis right away.

The finest pizza in Naples is, however, what made us fall in love. The Italian pizza we had at pizzerias in Naples, Italy, was superior to the pizza we had in other locations in the following years, including Lisbon, New York, Phoenix, Rome, and Verona.

We reserved an apartment in 2017 and lived like natives for a month, consuming pizza made in Naples virtually daily. We reasoned that spending a lot of time in its native country would help us comprehend pizza from Naples, Italy, the best.

Although we worried, we never got tired of eating pizza from Naples. The more traditional Neapolitan pizza we had, the more we yearned for it. We dined everywhere, from local eateries to some of the top pizzerias in the world, and we enjoyed every meal.

On a wonderful walking tour of Naples, we even learned how to cook pizza in the Neapolitan style. This was the pinnacle of our Italian foodie travels, in our opinion.

We went back to our favorite pizzerias in late 2020 for a third round of pizza from Naples. We continued to broaden our horizons by dining at more pizzerias.

We’re happy to announce that the excellence of our favorite pizzerias has not changed. We’re also happy to say that two of the new additions to our Naples Pizza Guide are among our top picks for the city.

Therefore, the Naples pizza industry is more competitive than ever. Due to a cadre of pizzaiolos who have honed their skill over many generations and have access to wonderful ingredients, the city’s battle for “best pizza in Naples” is tough.

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