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1972 Alvis Sabre is a British military reconnaissance tank that is powered by Jaguar

It’s a tank that doesn’t have to be filled with gas or diesel fuel and it uses less energy.



Although it is a hybrid tank, it is not what you may expect.

Whether you agree with us or not, we’ve always thought tanks are cool. Especially if they are tanks tiny enough to travel on common roads, as this 1972 Alvis Sabre that Collecting Cars on YouTube featured doing a quick shopping run.

Based on the Scorpion, the fastest production tank in history with a top speed of 51 mph, the 1972 Alvis Sabre was created (82 kilometers per hour). It belongs to the CVR(T) class of Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) vehicles.

The Sabre is a hybrid tank as well, although it differs from other hybrid tanks in that it lacks an electric motor. This vehicle combines the FV107 Scimitar’s hull with the FV721 Fox’s turret. Even a 30mm L21A1 RARDEN cannon is present, albeit one that has been decommissioned for obvious reasons.

Despite being referred to as a light tank, this tank weighs in at 8,000 kilograms (17,637 pounds), making it far from a lightweight vehicle. A 4.2-liter Jaguar J60 inline-six gasoline engine, which is also used in the iconic Jaguar E-Type, is responsible for pulling all of that weight. Yes, there is a connection between this tank and such a classy automobile.

Comparing Tank Prices:

A seven-speed David Brown TN15D transmission transmits power to the wheels, er, tracks. This gearbox, which has seven forward and seven backward speeds, enables the Sabre to turn 360 degrees around the tank and to retreat just as quickly as it came.

The Sabre has been mechanically upgraded despite its age, and its most recent servicing included extensive engine, gearbox, final drive, fan, and alternator rebuilds. All oils and filters have also been changed, and the suspension has been restored to the proper height.

Even better, Collecting Cars is currently accepting bids on this 1972 Alvis Sabre. The price being offered is £16,250, or roughly $19,222. You’ll be happy to know that this tank is compact enough to fit in a 20-foot garage or shipping container, if you’re interested.