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2020-21 Hyundai Palisade recalled to address windshield wiper issue

2020-21 Hyundai Palisade recalled because of a windshield wiper problem.



More than 120,000 Hyundai Palisades are being recalled due to a problem with the windshield wiper motors that might cause them to operate improperly or fail completely. The problem only affects cars made up to February 2021, but Hyundai is unsure of what it precisely is or how to fix it. Hyundai believes the issue is connected to the additional strain placed on wiper motors by the buildup of ice and snow, however this is still under investigation.

“Although the main reason is still being investigated, Hyundai believes that a rapid rise in the load on the wiper system may activate a circuit breaker inside the wiper motor, rendering it temporarily inoperable. Once the circuit breaker resets and/or the obstacle is removed from the windshield, the wipers will once again operate “According to Hyundai’s fault notice to NHTSA.

Hyundai claims that while there is currently no fix in place, the problem does not exist in motors used in vehicles produced after February 2021. Therefore, installing motors from later 2021 and 2022 models on the older vehicles would be the most likely approach. Rolling modifications between model years, however, can make that challenging or even impossible. Before October’s letters are sent to dealers and owners, Hyundai ought to have a fix ready.

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