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3-Ingredient Party Bites That Pair Perfectly With Whisky

Apps that come together in minutes? We’ll drink (whisky) to that!



You therefore asked a friend what else you could bring to their cocktail party besides a great bottle of alcohol, and they accepted your offer to bring food as well. Now what? Here are some incredibly easy party snacks that go well with everything, especially the whisky you always share at gatherings, and are portable. When the time comes for you to host your own gathering, you won’t hesitate to ask your buddy to return the favor because we’ve partnered up with Johnnie Walker to help you prepare a spread of snacks that are so delectable.

Aged cheddar, crackers, and raspberry jam

A cracker (choose your favorite sturdy variety), aged cheddar cheese, and raspberry jam are layered in this three-ingredient party nibble for a sweet and savory snack that tastes as wonderful as it looks. The aged Scotch whisky Johnnie Walker Black Label’s creamy, nutty overtones pair well with the nuttiness of the cheese.

Peppadew Peppers Stuffed with Prosciutto and Provolone

For a salty, creamy nibble that everyone can quickly and easily put in their mouths, combine mildly spicy peppadew peppers, a roll of prosciutto, and a cube of provolone cheese. The smokiness of whisky counteracts the richness.

Skewers of mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes

Put this timeless mix together on a skewer so guests can grab it as they move about the celebration. Use two to three ice cubes to make the creamy favorite as chilly as possible.

Bites of salami, mustard, and cornichon

This delectable snack is served on a slice of salami that has been spread with grain mustard rather as a cracker. For a meaty, mildly spicy snack, add a little pickle or cornichon. This quick snack pairs well with the subtle flavors in Johnnie Walker Black Label, such as green apple and darker fruit.

Skewers of figs, cheese, and olives

These tasty and convenient appetizers, which feature dried figs, slices of bleu cheese, and green olives packed with pimentos, call for long toothpicks. The sweet, toasted, and complex flavor of Johnnie Walker Black Label is enhanced by the candied dried fruit.