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66 Million Genshin Impact Players were to be trapped within the Golden Apple Archipelago event, but only 166 Million of them actually drowned due to low offers

The summer means players head to the many islands across the country.



MiHoYo’s popular live service game, Genshin Impact, is returning to the summery locale of the Golden Apple Archipelago. Information from all of the game’s servers has been compiled in the most recent issue of Teyvat Times in preparation for the event. The results are staggering when put into numbers.

The Golden Apple Archipelago, located to the east of Mondstadt, is a temporary summer attraction. In Version 1.6, it made its debut, and in Version 2.8, it made a comeback—albeit with a new look—during the Summertime Odyssey event. Before the events of Midsummer Island Adventure, it was known simply as the Haar Islands.

The Phantasmal Conch of Xinyan was found on The Islands’ Stirring Strings by 43.8% of those who engaged with the mirage islands. But a whopping 72% failed to find even one of the Phantasman Conches hidden on Twinning Isle and Broken Isle (thanks Siliconera).

Volume 4 of the Teyvat Times Can you describe your emotions upon returning to the Golden Apple Islands? Leave a comment if there’s something else you want Paimon to cover. * In order to compile this information, we scour servers in the US, UK, Asia, and Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Pic. #GenshinImpact Tweets by Genshin Impact (@GenshinImpact) from August 20, 2022

Meanwhile, business at the Twilight Theater is booming. The Teyvat Times reports that in the first week alone, 681,117 shows were performed daily, with 44% of players opting to include the “Bystander” in their performances. One Asian player invited the Bystander 32 times.

There was a lot of action involving the hilichurls of the Golden Apple Archipelago. Within the first week, players had eliminated 529,583,177 hilichurls and sunk 56,711,433 of their camps. However, over 1.6 million participants drowned in the first week of the competition. 56,042,023 treasure chests were opened in one day on the archipelago, indicating a high demand for adventure.

We now have information about the Reminiscent Regimen event, which pits players and friends against one another in a series of minigames spread out across the islands. Only 12 individuals completed the entire thing without any mistakes. However, teamwork isn’t always present, as an average of 760,044 players had their Waveriders stolen by other teammates every day after the “Raid” phase began.

The official Genshin Impact Twitter account provided the data visualized above, and players were encouraged to share their own Golden Apple Archipelago anecdotes in the thread’s comments section.

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