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9 Celebrities Who Have Embarrassing Fear Of Flying

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Moving around a lot and using airplanes to get things done is a common part of the celebrity lifestyle. This may seem extravagant and risky to the general public, but not everyone shares the excitement that flying can bring. Some A-list celebrities may brave international travel, but only at the risk of their skin. These nine famous people have discussed their apprehension of flying and their feelings about taking to the skies in open interviews.

The Things Ben Affleck Saw and Did Were Once in a Million

While some people who are afraid of flying can’t put their finger on why they feel that way, Ben Affleck has more than enough evidence to support his fears. The actor took his first flight to the nation’s capital when he was just nine years old. Lightning struck the plane while it was in the air, igniting the fuel and setting the plane on fire. That would be traumatic for anyone, regardless of age, so it’s safe to say he has good reason to be afraid.

Kate Winslet braces herself for disaster.

Kate Winslet has a severe fear of flying and therefore avoids taking any chances. The Titanic star has such a fear of flying that she won’t even travel with her husband. That they will perish in an airplane crash and leave their children fatherless is her greatest fear. This pair avoids risk to one another by taking separate flights.

The panic that Megan Fox experienced appeared to have come from nowhere.

The origin of Megan Fox’s irrational fear of flying is a mystery, but it emerged sometime in her twenties. Since then, Fox has experienced anxiety whenever she boards a plane. In response, she developed a reliable strategy for dealing with anxiety: blast some old Britney Spears albums and try to ride it out. Interestingly, Britney Spears herself isn’t a fan of air travel and suffers from flight anxiety.

Some Nerves Aroused by Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday

Jennifer Aniston is a seasoned traveler who has flown numerous times, but she has been prevented from visiting some of the places she has always wanted to visit because of her fear of flying. As the actress and her friends were flying to Cabo to celebrate her 50th birthday, a loud explosion shook the plane. But while she had a panic attack, the rest of the passengers on the plane seemed perfectly calm. Maintenance issues forced the plane to return to the airport, forcing the crew to find alternative transportation to Cabo. Although they arrived safely, her worries have kept her mostly on the ground ever since.

The Fearless Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock has won an Oscar and appeared in films set in a variety of locations, but she doesn’t like having to travel for her job. The actress was on a plane that crashed in Wyoming in the year 2000. She made it out okay, but the ordeal left her understandably nervous. She took the role of Dr. Ryan Stone in the 2013 film Gravity despite suffering from a fear of flying because, as she saw it, the universe was telling her to.

Redeeming His Life, Travis Barker

Travis Barker, who was in a plane crash in 2008, is another example of someone whose fear is based on real trauma. He avoided flying for 13 years. The Blink-182 drummer was severely burned when a plane he was on crashed, killing four people, including two of his employees. Years later, in 2021, Barker boarded an airplane with Kourtney Kardashian to confront his fear of flying.

Tom Cruise had to rely on Jennifer Connelly’s faith.

When asked about her anxieties, Jennifer Connelly doesn’t hold back. The actress has stated categorically that she is a nervous wreck whenever she has to fly and that she does not do well on planes of any size. The actress signed on for Top Gun: Maverick knowing full well that she would not be getting any flying time. She was taken by surprise, however, when she learned that she would be riding shotgun in a P-51 with none other than Tom Cruise.

DJ Khaled’s Son Was a Major Influence on Him

Since a traumatic flight he took in the 2000s, DJ Khaled has developed a fear of flying. As a result, the rapper was traumatized to the point where he spent the next decade touring exclusively by bus rather than plane. In 2019, he took to the air for the first time since deciding that if his toddler son could fly without any problems, so could he.

Jennifer Lawrence Isn’t Someone You Want To Sit Next To

A double engine failure and subsequent emergency landing is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can have. Jennifer Lawrence’s flight from Kentucky to New York was interrupted by an emergency landing at 31,000 feet with no prior warning. Even though everyone survived the crash landing, she was so shaken up by the ordeal that she sought help from a therapist. Since then, she has become agitated and anxious during flights, to the point where she once tried to abort an Air France flight due to claustrophobia.