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A 17-year-old tweeted a selfie of possibly the hottest body of all time, and then Kate Beckinsale replied with her best icy glare and reminded the troll she had children




Production has begun on Guilty Party, a new dark comedy from Paramount+ starring Kate Beckinsale. A behind-the-scenes photo from what could be Beckinsale’s trailer was recently posted to Instagram with the caption “Well hello #guiltyparty @cbstvstudios #paramountplus.”

Despite wearing sweatpants and a sweater, the former The Widow star lifts up the top to expose her toned abdominal muscles in the photograph. Many commenters expressed their approval. However, as expected in a group comprised largely of internet users, there was at least one skeptic.

Someone with the Instagram handle @big daddy geo commented, “#midlifecrisis.” However, Beckinsale was noticeably absent.

She then responded: “Oh honey, you needn’t fret. If you want to fool anyone, all you have to do is get rid of the fade and the tacky sunglasses.”

In other words, Beckinsale isn’t going to let an Instagram troll (or anyone else) stand in her way. The star of the Underworld movies has been quoted as saying in an issue of Women’s Health that she is a morning workout person. It’s her routine to get up, eat, and hit the gym first thing in the morning. Then I’ll do cardio in the evening if I decide to do any at all today.”

The same can be said of Beckinsale’s dedication to her workouts. Her trainer at Gunnar Peterson’s gym, Brad Siskind, praised her for her ability to get straight to work. A former interviewee of his stated, “The whole hour is work” for his sessions with Women’s Health.

According to Beckinsale, it was Michael Bay’s request that got her into working out for the first time in 2001’s Pearl Harbor. She has since admitted, cringe-worthy admission aside, that “exercise is almost more important to me moodwise.”

Beckinsale works out with her trainer six mornings a week, alternating between strength training (such as biceps curls while she squats) and cardio intervals (such as situps with combination punches). She also makes healthy food choices, favoring dishes like grilled salmon, radishes, brussels sprouts, and safflower oil-dressed salads with chicken and eggs. She is such an exercise fanatic that she even hires personal trainers to accompany her on her travels.