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A famous dancer claims Jennifer Lopez cut dancers just for a ‘strange, peculiar reason’

Jenny wins the lottery every month.



Who knew J.Lo was such a serious astrologer?

Star of Glee Heather Morris allegedly spilled the beans on Jennifer Lopez’s audition process. Morris claims that several Virgo dancers were let go by Lopez due to their star sign. Morris discussed the alleged event on this week’s episode of the Just Sayin’ With Justin Martindale podcast.

For one of her tours, Jennifer Lopez reportedly held an audition for dancers. “She walks in and says, “Thank you so much, you guys have worked so hard.” Please raise your hand if you are a Virgo so I know how many to expect.” Jennifer Lopez dancing to Virgo’s groove One lone milliard of a lion: amy As of this date in 2022: August 25

Morris continued by saying that she had heard the story from others rather than being present at the audition in question.

“She looked at them and expressed her gratitude for their presence. After a day of trying out for Jennifer Lopez, they were forced to leave “After that, she went on. “Most dance auditions don’t pay, you have to be there from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and you’re there the whole time.” Jennifer Lopez’s reaction to the Virgo that just walked into the audition room. The delirious soul of Terio. A.I. 26:2022

Martindale pressed Morris to verify his claims.

This is based on hearsay, but it turns out to be accurate: “When one person says something, could be true [but] when multiple people say something… it’s like, ‘Oh, that happened.'”

Morris speculated that Lopez may have singled out a different zodiac sign and that she may have “botched” the story. On the other hand, she explained that Virgos “like things planned and neat,” whereas Lopez (a Leo) enjoys “a little bit of chaos in her life.”

Representatives for Lopez have not yet responded to Morris’s account. They say that the singer’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony, is a Virgo.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez’s new husband, is a Leo. Their nuptials have been widely reported upon recently. After becoming engaged in 2002 and planning to wed in 2004, the couple decided to end their engagement in 2004. After announcing their reconciliation last year, the couple finally got engaged in April of this year.

In July they tied the knot in Las Vegas for the first time. Last weekend, the couple also tied the knot in a larger ceremony in Georgia, attended by friends and family. Kevin Smith, who directed both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Jersey Girl, was there with other friends.

Smith remarked that he “felt lucky” to be attending the ceremony.

The event was “absolutely one of the five most beautiful moments I’ve ever experienced in my life,” he told People, adding, “and it had nothing to do with me.”

The event was held on Affleck’s 87-acre property in the Hampton Island Preserve and was attended by more than a hundred guests.

“When it happened, I was just a witness. It’s comforting and wonderful because I know them “That’s when Smith chimed in. “But even if I didn’t know these two, but just knew the story and the history, it was so incredibly beautiful.”

Even if Lopez really does hate Virgos, her relationship with Affleck is safe from that hatred.

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