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A few months ago, Outlaws and Virtuspro decided to part ways with each other Here’s how they can rekindle things

Out of nowhere, a different organization called Outsiders has appeared. They are fielding all of their players on multiple esports titles, but people should be surprised because has been m



several Russians have financial stakes. The group denied on social media any ties to the Russian government, but the rulings stood.

When found out in March 2022 that they were banned from competing at events hosted by the two largest esports event organizers in the world, they had to make a tough call. It formed Outsiders, an esports organization it says is impartial and has no ties to the Russian government. Despite having ties to Russia and being funded and maintained by a Russian company, the Outsiders brand has been accepted by the majority of tournament organizers. In the time since, the debate over ESL’s standards in particular has died down, but the logo has yet to make a public appearance.

Do you think non-members of the community will ever switch back to

Although the logo has been a mainstay in several esports, the decision to return to it from Outsiders was not an easy one.

Six months after became Outsiders, the situation is still intricately linked to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. In the event that hostilities cease,’s rosters may once again be identified by the polar bear emblem on their jerseys. If this keeps up, the teams may abandon the brand forever.

Another esports organization that was negatively impacted by its rulings was Gambit Esports, which saw its CS:GO roster defect to Cloud9 in April 2022. The current Outsiders could look for new sponsorship or even disband until life in the affected area returns to normal. Any VP supporter who cares more about their favorite players than their favorite jerseys will be able to continue cheering for their teams despite the change in branding.

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