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A hidden high-value loot zone located in a warzone has been discovered by the Team Deathmatch community




Warzone is the latest installment of the Call of Duty series. Caldera, the most recent map, has been thoroughly explored by players, but there are still secrets to be found. Their most recent find is a safe haven stocked with valuable items despite being located outside of any high-value loot zone on the in-game map.

Areas on Caldera with particularly valuable loot are labeled as “high value loot zones” on the game map. Players can use this information to help them decide where to drop in the hopes of finding the best loot. Or perhaps they plan to wing it to a more laid-back locale and gradually stock up on supplies.

Though these spots move from game to game, Reddit user u/LebSonny claims that the Power Plant in the southwestern corner of Caldera is a frequent high value loot zone despite not being depicted on any official maps.

According to LebSonny, there should be four high value loot zones on the map for every match on Caldera, but sometimes there are only three. As far as I can tell, Power Plant is always the fourth location in those situations.

The fifth season of Warzone, titled Last Stand, will premiere on Wednesday.