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A Houston woman touched a napkin that had been left on her car and experienced an “acute poisoning”

After touching her car door handle on Tuesday, a Houston woman found herself in the hospital on Wednesday as a result of her car having been poisoned. The post Houston Woman Suffers ‘Acute Poisoning’



Last week, a woman in Houston was taken to the hospital after touching a poisoned napkin that had been stuck in her car’s door handle.

Erin Mims and her husband ate out in honor of her birthday on Tuesday. She picked up the napkin she’d left on her car as they were leaving and discarded it.

Mims told FOX 26 that he “didn’t think nothing of it” before discarding the item. I used my finger tips to unlock the door. When we got home, I reminded my husband to put a napkin in the door. “And he denied it.

She went back into the restaurant to wash her hands before getting into her car, and then she noticed that her fingers were tingling. Her whole arm went numb within five minutes, she had trouble breathing, and her heart started racing.

Mims was taken by her husband to a local hospital where she underwent a battery of diagnostic procedures. Mims’s vitals were all over the place, and the doctors couldn’t tell her what kind of poison she had ingested. The doctor’s assessment was that it sounded like an abduction attempt that had been thwarted.

The thought of my children was all I could focus on. Mims told the media that it was “the scariest moment of my life.”

Mims made the decision to share her ordeal on social media in an effort to serve as a cautionary tale. The post went viral, and many others related their own similar stories. The Houston Police Department, on the other hand, claims this is the first incident of its kind.

Southeast Houston Poison Center toxicologist Mark Winter says Mims’ symptoms matched hundreds of poisons and that her exposure was “casual” or “minimal.”

According to Winter, “it’s likely that you’d need to have a lot more than just a casual exposure.”

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