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A man falls 100 feet when the cliff crumbles beneath him

Dangers of cliff edges are reported to be increased so being careful is essential.



Reports say a man was walking along the edge of a cliff when it suddenly gave way from under his feet, sending him plummeting about 100 feet to the ground below.

According to CAL FIRE San Mateo, the unidentified man was walking along the cliffs at dawn in Moss Beach in San Mateo County, California, about 22 miles south of San Francisco, when the edge of the cliff gave way from under his feet, causing him to fall an estimated 100 feet.

At 8:30 a.m., however, a passing woman heard the man’s cries for assistance and called the police.

The man was miraculously rescued by Coastside Fire, who arrived within 22 minutes of the initial call, according to a tweet posted by CAL FIRE San Mateo and accompanied by a short video of the rescue operation.

The video shows a dozen or so officers hoisting the victim and another officer up the cliff using a system of ropes anchored by a fire truck. The man who fell can be heard speaking to authorities about his condition as they are brought to safety at the top of the cliff, but he appears to be unsteady on his feet. His current condition has not been made public by authorities.

Although the man seemed fine after the rescue was complete, CAL FIRE San Mateo issued the following warning: “Avoid cliff edges as they are unstable.”