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A man who murdered and dismembered a 91-year-old woman for her money was sentenced to life in prison

He was cleared of the crimes in 1991. He was tried again in 2022 after new evidence emerged, but he still got convicted.



A man was convicted of first-degree murder and attempted murder 32 years after the crimes were committed.

The Jersey court found Rickie Tregaskis, then 53 years old, guilty of murdering Barbara Griffin and attempting to kill Emma Anton in 1990.

He was originally found not guilty in 1991, but was retried in 2022 after new evidence surfaced.

Tregaskis was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison by the Royal Court of Jersey.

At the age of 21, he broke into Ms. Griffin’s Le Geyt estate apartment and brutally assaulted her sleeping 85-year-old aunt, Ms. Anton.

Tregaskis repeatedly stabbed Ms. Anton, and her niece heard her cries for help and came to her aid.

Medical professionals were unable to save Ms. Griffin after he stabbed her once in the heart.

Sir John Saunders, the commissioner, praised her bravery, saying that it had saved the life of her aunt at the expense of her own.

Tregaskis, the defense argued, had embarked on a reckless mission after a night of heavy drinking.

Sir John characterized Tregaskis’ “horrific” crime as an act of extreme and explosive violence.

After killing a man in Cornwall in 1997, Tregaskis was given a life sentence, and the court heard that, while incarcerated, he used a razor blade hidden in a bar of soap to slash another inmate.

Ms. Griffin’s daughter, Cheryl Lowe, expressed satisfaction with the sentence after the trials concluded.

She praised the police for “more than delivering” and said, “I think it’s a fair sentence and a lot of hard work has gone into giving us that sentence.”

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