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A new idea for Tucker with chemtrails in milk

Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson sound similar on Monday night, where Jones confesses milk being unsafe. Alex Jones also expresses sympathy for Amos Miller and his troubles with the government for $305,



At one point on Monday, Tucker Carlson sounded just like his right-wing conspiracy nut pal Alex Jones, making a comment about chemicals in milk that “turn kids trans.”

During his show, the Fox host showed sympathy for Amish farmer Amos Miller, who has been in legal trouble since 2016 due to FDA food safety issues. According to a legal update posted on the farm’s website in September, the government is demanding $305,065 in fines and has halted meat production.

So health clubs, organic farmers, and churches were all targets? Carlson moaned, bringing up the government’s efforts to curb crowded indoor gatherings in the wake of the COVID pandemic. That being the case, perhaps they are in favor of whatever weakens you and makes you more reliant, and they are opposed to anything that is wholesome and edifying and that makes you stronger and healthier? There seems to be a common thread here.

Jeremy Loffredo, a reporter for the right-wing website Rebel News and Carlson’s guest, pointed out that Miller’s organic farm doesn’t use “any gasoline or any fertilizer.” Loffredo asserted, “[President Joe] Biden’s policies regarding the war in Ukraine and Russia have driven up the price of those two commodities to extremely high levels.” He continued, saying that the administration is “coming after [Miller] for it.”

Carlson, who has previously targeted transgender people, spewed, “Maybe if he promises to put more chemicals in the milk that turn kids trans, they’ll lay off.” His words brought to mind Jones’ wacky theory that “the government is putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin’ frogs gay.”

Carlson went on to say that federal agents shouldn’t have entered Miller’s farm to halt production.

We support law enforcement in general, but there is a thing called conscience, Carlson argued. In addition, they should not have agreed to this. You have to say “no” when they order you to rob an organic Amish farm.

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