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A supply bin glitch is giving players some extra loot in Apex Legends

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A new bug has been found by Apex Legends players that replenishes crates that have already been opened. Weapons in Apex Legends can be picked up from the ground or stored in containers with identifying symbols. Once players have looted a bin, it becomes empty; however, some players have found a way to re-close specific bins. Sometimes, when you re-seal the containers, new items will appear inside.

YouTuber Skeptation and other players found out they could stand on top of uncovered storage containers. Bins that are being opened can be closed by standing on top of them. Skeptation discovered, however, that this is only viable with containers that are flush against a wall. Reclosing the bin won’t replenish it either; it’ll just create one more gun. Even Skeptation admits in their video that the glitch isn’t always present, and that sometimes nothing respawns in the bin.

Despite the glitch’s unpredictability, it can be a useful tool for players who can execute it consistently. The starting conditions of many games are unfavorable, with players being dealt poor starting hands and having trouble locating weapons. That would make players less competitive against those who lucked out. A player can potentially turn the tables and spawn more weapons if they locate just one blue bin backed up against a wall.

Having said that, it’s unlikely that this Apex Legends bug will stick around for long. Since the exploit is gaining traction in the community, it is likely that Respawn Entertainment will issue a patch to fix it soon. Don’t waste time if you want to take advantage of this bug before it’s fixed in an upcoming update. There are other strange bugs in the game besides the one involving the trash can. It’s also possible, through a glitch, to randomly combine the abilities of different Legends.