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A team composition of the 6 best Pokemon in the current roster

There are many options on the Pokemon Unite roster, but a definitive best team composition has emerged in the Pokemon World Championship. So far, balance in the game has improved after being introduc



Pokemon Unite provides a wide range of options, but the Pokemon World Championship has revealed the greatest team lineup.

At this time, Pokemon Unite has been around for a little over a year, and the game’s balance has evolved since then. Early on, the best teams used nearly identical Pokemon teams. According to the teams competing at the 2022 Pokemon World Championship, options are more flexible today, but teams must still rely on a specific core in order to win.

A distinct meta emerged during the biggest Pokemon Unite tournament to date, with a select group of players from the roster constituting the ideal team composition. The top Pokemon to use right now are listed below.

Pokemon Unite’s ideal squad lineup

Hoopa, Blissey, and Dragonite make up the strongest team in Pokemon Unite.

The current Pokemon Unite roster’s top three players are without a doubt this trio. Due to their exceptional mobility, Hoopa and Dragonite may consistently contest objectives or support teammates. Blissey, meanwhile, dominates every aspect of the game and works well with Pokemon Unite’s current “death ball” meta.

After those three Pokemon, either tanking bulk or AOE damage should take precedence, as they both offer mobility and support. To support the group, a combination of Aegislash, Tsareena, Lucario, Snorlax, Machamp, Cramorant, and Greedent has been deployed. The lineups of many of the top Pokemon Unite teams frequently consisted of three all-arounders and two supports, which says a lot about the current state of the game’s balance.

A large portion of the Pokemon Unite cast struggles to remain current.

The focus of Pokemon Unite revolves around 10 of the game’s 39 playable Pokemon, although significant versatility within the pro scene. This is due to the fact that at the game’s top competitive levels, team fighting is frequent and burst damage and mobility are prioritized, making Pokemon with low HP or a focus on disables often unwieldy.

Speedsters like Talonflame and Zeraora are simply too swiftly destroyed to be useful. Trevenant and Decidueye, Pokemon that rely on their opponents remaining put, can’t keep anyone down for long enough to inflict much damage.

The greatest Pokemon Unite team configurations should vary in future versions. Though it probably won’t appear very different for some time. Since the release of Pokemon Unite, a meta has developed around massive team battles centered on goals. These Pokemon or others with comparable abilities will continue to rule the game unless things are completely turned around.

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