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A video of a hidden swimming hole in North Carolina is pretty incredible

The record-breaking video of the museum is getting 4 million views.



With over 4 million views, the location’s video is becoming popular online.

North Carolina is a state with many natural wonders, and it’s only recently that its natural beauty has attracted more widespread attention. These wonders range from the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky mountains in the west to the magnificent Atlantic beaches in the east. Both locals and tourists will find that North Carolina has a lot to offer.

North Carolina’s best-kept secrets have been featured in a series on “places that don’t feel genuine” on TikTok by the user @jensensavannah. Today, we’ll examine a well-liked swimming area in Mooresville, which is only about an hour’s drive from Charlotte, on Carrigan Farms.

Just take a look at that water’s hue! The water in that lake looks so refreshing and cool; we’d love to have a swim there. Would you be brave enough to jump from that swing, which also looks like a lot of fun?

This video became popular after being uploaded on the quarry lake at Carrigan Farms; it currently has 4.5 million views. @marlawolff inquired, “How much blue dye do you add in the water?” She makes light of it, but seriously—the water is so vivid it seems surreal! Many of its previous visitors offered it their endorsement, including @lhart30: “I visited this place a few weeks ago! Marvelous.”

Even though the swimming season at Carrigan Farms is just from May to August and is almost over for the year, there are other things for visitors to enjoy there. “For the past four years, I’ve visited Carrigan Farms every year to select pumpkins and have a hayride. Donuts made with apple cider are “@heather18h tweeted this. Oh no, the idea makes our mouths water. Okay, but at Halloween, they also have the most incredible haunted trail, added @sydneyjweaver. Okay, this place seems fantastic!

Carrigan Farms is the place to be whether you enjoy swimming in the summer or harvesting pumpkins and having frightening scares in the fall!