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A woman in Texas said she was poisoned after touching a napkin with poison on her car handle She said, “I started sweating profusely”

They were unable to determine what was running through her body, but she was informed it might have been a failed kidnapping.



could have been a kidnapping.

Local news outlets in Houston, Texas, reported that a woman claimed she was poisoned when she touched a laced napkin that had been left on her car’s door handle.

This week, KPRC-TV reported that the incident occurred after Erin Mims left a restaurant where she had celebrated her birthday with friends and family. The napkin was on the door handle of her car when she returned to it.

Mims told the media that she “took it out with her nails and threw it and got in the car.” When I questioned my husband about it, he explained that he had forgotten to include a napkin.

KRIV stated that as Mims returned to the restaurant to wash her hands, she began to experience “tingling” in her arms and had difficulty breathing.

She explained to the media that she had experienced “hot flashes, chest pain, and a heart that was beating really fast.”

She was examined after being brought to HCA Houston Healthcare. The substance in her body was unknown to the doctors. According to the report, however, one physician told her that the incident may have been an attempted kidnapping that failed.

“I can’t believe it. It just confirms in my mind that the world is not a safe place and that madmen roam its streets plotting mayhem “according to KRPC-reporting. TV’s

The outlet claims that the Houston Police Department is investigating. HCA Houston Healthcare urges anyone experiencing symptoms after exposure to poison to call 911 immediately.