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A woman overhears two men talk about her while she’s doing safety exercises

A video about a woman’s experience with sexism went viral on TikTok. One clip shows Brooke (@brookiiieb) doing deep squats at the gym while wearing headphones. Becky surprised them by telling them he



A video of a lady listening in on two men having a sexist talk about her gym attire went popular on TikTok.

User Brooke (@brookiiieb) is seen in the video performing deep squats at the gym while wearing headphones. In the overlay, Brooke says, “These men didn’t realize that my music wasn’t playing and were talking about my clothes while I was working out.” She overhears some men referring to her attire as “provocative message.” The conversation continued incoherently. In the comments, Brooke claimed that she was aware that the men were referring to her since “they were having a complete conversation. This is all I was able to capture on film. Leggings and a tank top were Brooke’s attire.

“They thought it was immodest that I was getting into deep squats with leggings,” Brooke wrote as the caption for the video.

The video has received 3 million views as of Friday. Many commenters couldn’t figure out why Brooke’s attire was deemed unacceptable.

One user questioned, “HOW IS THIS PROVOCATIVE?!”

They are full length grey leggings, so what’s the issue?, a second concurred.

There is NOTHING wrong with your attire, despite what they are saying in the second half of what they are saying. NOTHING! You look fantastic! Do you! Keep killing it!” exclaimed a third.

Another remarked, “This attire is really modest for gyms today tbh, you’re killing it girl!”

Others wondered what would constitute a “acceptable” gym attire.

So they just want us to work out in sweatshirts and sweatpants, I assume, said one individual.

Another person questioned, “What are we supposed to wear then?”

“Do they want us to dress in the flimsiest attire ever? that would be risky, wouldn’t it? A third person asked.


Brooke addressed the queries about modest gym attire in a subsequent video. It showed her dressed in a garbage bag. She then turns to give the camera the middle finger while revealing her attire, which consists of a sports bra and high-waisted leggings.

Brooke was contacted by The Daily Dot for a response via a TikTok remark.

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Woman takes off her headphones to hear what two men are saying about her while she performs squats in this ‘very provocative messaging’ video, which first aired on The Daily Dot.