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A$AP Mob Member, Relli was the alleged victim of A$AP Rocky’s shooting on March 20

However, according to sources, the alleged shooting that led to his arrest in April happened Nov. 6.



Despite A$AP Rocky’s lack of comment, information surrounding the alleged shooting that took place on November 6 and resulted in his arrest in April is starting to come to light.

Rocky, actual name Rakim Mayers, is allegedly shot in Hollywood on November 6 by A$AP Mob member Relli, whose legal name is Terell Ephron, according to Rolling Stone. In a statement to the media outlet, Ephron’s attorneys Jamal Tooson and Brian Hurwitz said that Mayers had persuaded Ephron that they needed to meet “to discuss a disagreement between the two of them.”

According to a statement by Tooson and Hurwitz, “A$AP Rocky was not just planning for a talk and arrived loaded with a semi-automatic weapon.” “After arriving at the scene, a conversation began during which A$AP Rocky purposely shot Mr. Ephron many times with the handgun without any provocation, warning, or justification.”

The event, according to Relli’s attorneys, resulted in physical damage, “many death threats, and irreparable harm to his career in the entertainment industry.” He is contemplating a civil complaint against his former pal in retaliation.

Rocky was detained in April at the Los Angeles International Airport, as The Root has reported. The “D.M.B.” rapper is being looked into for a shooting that happened on Nov. 6. According to police reports, the victim “told officers that Mayers, who was strolling with two other people, approached him on the street with a handgun.” The victim said Mayers fired three to four shots at him, and he thought one of them grazed his left hand.

Three hours after being taken into prison, Rocky was let go, and a check of his house turned up nothing of the weapon authorities were looking for. He is anticipated to return to court on August 17.

The “L$D” musician is currently concentrating on his family because he and girlfriend Rihanna just had their first child.