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Actor Gary Busey Charged With Sex Crimes Following Horror Film Convention

Actor Gary Busey faces sex crime charges, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.



Gary Busey, an actor, is being charged with sex crimes after being arrested after a convention he attended in New Jersey.

It was all about making contact, you see. Cherry Hill Police Lt. Robert Scheunemann reportedly said, “It was about touching,” after the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the actor was accused of groping two people.

It’s not the first time Busey has been accused of sexual misconduct; in 2016, five of his former Apprentice coworkers claimed he sexually assaulted a female coworker on the show.

Malibu, California resident Busey has been charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact in the fourth degree, one count of criminal attempt of sexual contact, and another count of harassment, according to a police statement.

The charges, according to the authorities, are connected to his stay at the Doubletree Hotel from August 12-14, 2018 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

He was the main attraction at Cherry Hill’s Monster-Mania Convention, an annual horror film and memorabilia convention. Starring in such films as “The Buddy Holly Story,” “Lethal Weapon,” and “Point Break,” Busey has established himself as a leading man.

The Daily Beast reached out to a representative for Busey, but did not receive a prompt response.

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