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AG Merrick Garland: Dept. of Justice asks court to unseal search warrant of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate

Breaking his silence, the nation’s top law enforcement official said the Department of Justice agrees that there is a “substantial public interest” in releasing the search warrant as well as an inventory of what was taken in the search of the Mar-a-Lago club on Monday.



Federal prosecutors have requested a court order to have the warrant used in the unusual search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida property unsealed, according to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The nation’s top law enforcement official finally broke his silence, stating that the Department of Justice concurs that there is a “strong public interest” in making the search warrant and a list of what was taken during the Monday search of the Mar-a-Lago club public.

It was unclear at the time of writing whether or when the federal court in Miami would allow the unsealing request or when the records would be made public.

Speaking on Thursday, August 11, 2022, in Washington at the Justice Department is Attorney General Merrick Garland. Sandra Walsh

According to Garland, upholding the rule of law entails applying the law impartially.

Garland said that the search warrant had been personally approved by him and was a result of an ongoing Justice Department inquiry into the recovery of secret White House documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, earlier this year.

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He also backed the FBI and prosecutors, both of whom have faced harsh criticism.

Garland declared, “I won’t watch idly as their integrity is attacked. “They defend our civil rights every day while defending the American people.”

The Department of Justice generally refrains from disclosing information regarding current investigations to the public, however it is allowed to do so when doing so may advance justice.

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Garland’s comments followed news that the former Trump had received a subpoena for secret records from a federal grand jury in the spring, more than two months before to this week’s startling raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate.

The FBI seized some documents from Donald Trump’s home after serving the subpoena on June 8, but was later informed by an unnamed source that the former president had illegally retained some important national security documents.

Authorities took an extraordinary action in response to the new evidence by seeking and executing a search warrant for a former president’s Florida estate.

On Wednesday, August 10, 2022, in New York, former President Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower on his way to the state’s attorney general’s office for a deposition in a civil inquiry. Julianna Nikhinson

When Trump inappropriately stole boxes of his records, including some that were classified, and travelled to Mar-a-Lago after leaving office in January 2021, the circus surrounding his documents began.

In January 2022, the National Archives issued a request for the repatriation of the records and reported the situation to the Justice Department.

Late on August 8, 2022, in Palm Beach, Florida, armed Secret Service agents stand in front of a gate leading to the former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion. Teresa Renna

Trump authorized the return of approximately 15 cartons of supplies, alleging they were unintentionally sent to his residence.

However, authorities soon discovered that other documents were missing and that Trump may not have returned them. On June 8, they received a subpoena for the documents’ return and served it.

The former president reportedly even greeted the G-men at the opulent club on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach as his attorneys met with investigators there.

On Wednesday, August 10, 2022, in Palm Beach, Florida, a photograph of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion is seen from the air. Stephen Helber

There were some extra materials that were handed over that had not before been done so. Others at Mar-a-Lago were kept in a room in the basement and weren’t immediately taken for unknown reasons.

In order to find out who had access to the information, some of which are deemed crucial for national security, prosecutors also obtained a subpoena for security video.

Uncertainty exists regarding Trump’s compliance with the subpoena for the video.