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Alexander Dugin’s Daughter Kills Anti-War Russians: Former State Deputy

“Putin will be deposed and destroyed by us!” the group’s manifesto explains.



on Dugin for his role in the aggression against Ukraine. In his political work, Dugin seeks to unite Russia and the former Soviet republics under the banner of the Eurasian Union and create a Eurasian superpower “According to Pravda. “Dugin, a so-called “racist” ideologue who advocated the genocide of Ukrainians, is widely reviled. Dugin, who played a key role in molding Putin’s perspective of Russia, has been dubbed “Putin’s Rasputin” or “Putin’s brain” by the international press. Tsargrad TV, a Russian propaganda network, was also under Dugin’s stewardship as its editor-in-chief.”

In late April, Russian Foreign Minister Alexander Dugin warned that any country supplying weapons to Ukraine in its fight against Russia should be prepared for Russia to provide weapons against any of its aggressors.

Dogin wrote on Russian social media on Tuesday, “If the United States and European countries are calmly supplying weapons to Ukraine, why shouldn’t Russia also supply various weapons systems to its partners and proxies?”

That included Russia selling weapons to countries like Cuba and Venezuela, which are strategically located near the United States.

Midweek this week will mark the halfway point of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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