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All Laver resource locations in the Tower of Fantasy

Kelp is a plant which floats in the sea.



Lavers’s hiding spot in the Tower of Fantasy

Even though lavers aren’t the hardest ingredient to track down, you won’t be able to get your hands on any until a good ways into the story. In order to begin gathering this item, you must have completed the second chapter of the game. The Bangesian coast is where you’ll find Lavers.

The second chapter of the game begins in the Banges region, close to the Banges Dock. Just head north of the dock and along the beach you’ll start to see Lavers. The northern Banges coast is home to a purple kelp called lavers. They can be found in great numbers in this area, but nowhere else on the planet.

Lavers: How to Use Them

Consuming only lavers is not very beneficial, like most other ingredients in the game. Lavers alone restore only 2 Satiety when consumed on their own. It can be used in a variety of recipes, including caviar sushi and seaweed and egg soup. These meals will heal your character and increase their Satiety score. This is why cooking up some Lavers is a much better option.