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All locations where the plane can crash in Saints Row

Use your best weapons to practice with.



Saints Row features a wide variety of shooting ranges. It’s common for these spots to be found in the Badlands beyond Santo Ileso. You have 15 targets to shoot; if you hit them all, you’ll unlock special modifications for your arsenal. All of the Airplane Grave Shooting Gallery’s targets are detailed here for your convenience.

Saints Row: The Third’s Airplane Grave Shooting Gallery, Target Locations

The Airplane Grave range is located in the southern Badlands.

When you get here, you’ll see a highlighted region that shows you exactly where to look for all the targets. There is no time limit and you can use whatever weapon you like. We suggest you take the ramp in the middle of the map. Two targets await you to the right as you ascend the ramp, and one awaits you to the left. Start by removing those.

Once you’ve retrieved those items, leave the ramp and climb onto the green storage unit behind you. As you turn your back on the water, you’ll see a canoe and an airplane wing by the yellow school bus as targets.

After that, you should make your way to the dock by the water’s edge. In addition to the target behind you by the plane and the one on the dock, there will be a fourth target to your right by the school bus, accessible by purchasing a separate ticket.

The next two targets are located at the crashed plane, which can be accessed by standing on its nose. Then you can turn around and see the tail has two targets.

Proceed now to the left side of the crashed plane and go under its wing. As the exit sign suggests, two targets will be concealed beneath it.

The final objective lies in the middle of the playing field. Follow the incline to your right, and your goal should be between the two rows of tires.

Complete this task to gain access to the Foam Finger Gun modification menu. You’ll find it in your arsenal of weapons at the main base.