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American Idols Samantha Diaz had recent hospital visits Ms Diaz has been in the hospital for a long period of time Many times this is because she needs help with her depression and suicide threats

American Idol’s Samantha Diaz may need help amid the number of hospital visits.



Samantha Diaz, a former American Idol champion, is being treated at a hospital for an unknown disease.

The 23-year-old winner of season 18 thanked everyone for their prayers on Friday, August 26 via Instagram Story. “Things are considerably better now,”

Diaz, who goes by the stage name Just Sam, posted many pictures of her hospital room along with mysterious remarks concerning her health. She jotted down “100lbs is crazyyy” on a second Story slide. “I really need your help.”

On Wednesday, August 24, the New York resident was initially sent to a nearby hospital before being released a few hours later.

“I want to thank everyone who asked how I was doing. According to Heavy, Diaz posted on her Story on Wednesday, “I am ALIVE and out of the hospital. The singer of “Safe N Sound” subsequently shared a get-well card she had received.

Look at what my baby got me, guys. Awwww! Oh my gosh, after such a dreadful day,” Diaz exclaimed at the moment in her Story.

The former reality TV star eventually went back to the hospital on Friday, though she was feeling better and on the mend.

While Diaz hasn’t provided any further health information on her ailment, in 2020, she first became well-known during American Idol’s third season, season 18, on ABC. During the virtual finals held in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, she ultimately won the top prize. Diaz, who is only 21 years old, won the first at-home winner after giving weekly performances from her house using Zoom settings.

“May I now thank America? During the May 2020 series finale, Diaz said, “My dreams have come true. “My grandmother has expressed her disbelief in the ability of people like us to realize their aspirations. To her, this is proof!

She continued at the time, “Look where it’s brought me. I kept on pushing and singing. I want to encourage all the young ladies who think their ambitions are unattainable. Anyone can complete it.

While Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, the show’s judges, were astounded by Diaz’s stunning vocal abilities, she also revealed the source of her stage name, “Just Sam.”

She said on one episode, “In high school, they didn’t know which category to place me in. “I was both a male and a girl at the same time. And I think, “Just Sam sounds great.” I believe I will always go by that stage name.

Diaz has continued to release songs after her time on Idol. “Pain is Power,” her most recent song, was released earlier this month on streaming services.