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An iconic door is located on the CSGO map Breach

Valve has a collection of memes and references on their games. It also happened in a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map called Breach. It was introduced to celebrate the release of the game.



An amusing easter egg in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map Breach demonstrates that Valve is well aware of the most well-liked community memes related to their games.

One of the earliest first-person shooters available, CSGO has always revolved around shooting and planning, making it a favorite among its devoted players. Although it comes with little frills, gamers keep coming up with new ways to play it. It turns out that Valve is more in touch with its community than it is given credit for since 10 years after the game’s release, the CSGO community has created a large number of jokes and memes related to it. There is a whole bookcase of memes made by fans of the game on the new CSGO map Breach.

There was a playful dig at Valve’s map-making on the shelf as well. Over the years, the developer has created a ton of destinations, yet players still notice problems. Players often use the phrase “How to make a s—- map,” which they have come to enjoy.

All of the books would make a devoted CSGO player happy, but the stuck door meme received the most attention.

As long as the Counter-Strike series has been around, there have been stuck doors. Casual gamers in the original Counter-Strike first encountered it. Since then, it has developed into a well-liked meme in the neighborhood and among CS:GO gamers. “Door jammed” refers to a gray book that is leaning between two other books.

Valve’s method for preserving CSGO memes and iconic moments is the Breach bookcase. By loading Breach and heading upstairs to the bookshelf, players can look through the volumes.

Where is the Door Stuck video now?

The Door Stuck video’s creator claims that copyright trolls have taken control of the work and essentially siphoned off all of its earnings. This prompted KinetiK001 to declare that he’s thinking about erasing the footage to prevent its exploitation.

The Door Stuck video is still available right now.

Breach, a new CSGO map, features the classic door-stuck meme, which was first published on