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An Idaho River Trails Guide for Food Hudson

Skip the crowds and experience incredible natural beauty and surprises on the Henry’s Fork Box Canyon Trail in Idaho.



These are occasionally our favorite paths to go on since they are simple, serene, and full of scenic delights. Particularly when those routes offer all-year-round beauty and undiscovered gems! Bypass the throng at Idaho’s most well-known attractions and head to an Eastern Idaho river instead for some peace and quiet. Here, the ideal way to spend a day taking in Idaho’s breathtaking scenery and untamed hidden gems is a peaceful stroll down the canyon rim of an old caldera to a hidden waterfall.

This charming trail with its hidden waterfall is a simple climb for hikers of all ages because there is little elevation gain and just mildly rough terrain to negotiate. Keep an eye out for young children near the canyon’s edge, pack up all trash, and always be on the lookout for bears.