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An older female claims she made recovery thanks to raw eggs and Guinness

A senior once said the eggs she was taking were so easy to swallow, she had to make a recovery from hardcore drinking Guinness.



by James Connell and Adam Dutton by SWNS

A senior woman who was receiving palliative care reports that after consuming Guinness combined with raw eggs, she miraculously recovered.

In order to receive end-of-life care, 78-year-old Maggie Ives was transferred to a nursing home. She had been diagnosed with chronic kidney and cardiovascular illness.

She wouldn’t make it through the night, her family was told, and they should start planning her burial.

Nevertheless, Maggie, a lifetime smoker, has miraculously recovered after downing daily pints of Guinness combined with raw eggs.

Maggie, a resident of the Henwick Grange care facility in Worcester, UK, who also has Parkinson’s disease, declared: “I’m a medical marvel. I have the impression that I have survived death. That night, the woman who admitted me bid me farewell. She didn’t anticipate my morning appearance.

I wasn’t even sure of my location.

I don’t recall anything about the ambulance driver picking me up or anything.

“I’m a great believer in raw eggs and Guinness – I swear by it,” I said, asking the staff if I might try an old recipe of mine from when I used to feel rough years ago. The taste of the eggs is completely absent. You simply ingest them. I’ve been performing that for a while.

In February, Maggie, who lives in protected housing, tripped and broke her pelvis.

With numerous other medical issues, she was sent to Henwick Grange and received palliative care.

Next month, Maggie, a former nurse who will be 79, said: “I can’t even tell you what hospital I was in; all I can say is that I was there for 22 weeks. I continued coming and going, waking up and falling asleep. I was having delusions. I had reached the end of my days. My sister and brother were summoned so they could go to the undertaker and document my death. I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life since moving to Henwick Grange. The entire team, from the laundry lady to the cleaners, from the carers to the administration, is excellent.

“I order whatever food I want.”

They are all really considerate. Even today, I can walk again. I won’t leave until they do; I haven’t walked in two years. My house is here. To me, they are angels. I’m as content and energized as I’ve been in a long time.

She was palliative and at the end of her life, according to acting deputy manager Susan Mitchell, a nurse assistant.

She kept getting better and better. She is very tough. “I have never seen so drastic a turnaround before. I’m astonished by her spirit.”

Business development manager Lisa Odlin stated: “Our goal is to make our house feel like a home away from home. Our culture is upbeat, inclusive, and open.

Sick senior says raw eggs and Guinness helped her recover originally published on Talker.