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An opponent of Republican candidate for Florida House is booted from social networking site Twitter after posting a controversial message regarding shooting federal agents

The Republican candidate for a state legislature who advocated violence against President Trump’s presumed supporters had his Twitter account yanked.



Following a remark encouraging violence against federal agents, a Republican candidate for a House seat in the Florida Legislature had his Twitter account suspended this week.

On Twitter, Luis Miguel, a candidate for Florida’s House District 20, said that his proposal would allow for the immediate execution of federal officers within the state. He claimed to Twitter that they had informed him that his account had been permanently disabled, which he later confirmed to NBC News on Friday. He first made this claim to the Florida Politics website.

According to a Twitter spokeswoman, the account has been permanently suspended for breaking the company’s policy against hateful activity.

Miguel verified to NBC News that he tweeted on Thursday that all Floridians will be allowed to shoot FBI, IRS, ATF, and all other federal agents “on sight! Ring for liberty!

After agents carried out a search warrant at former President Donald Trump’s Florida resort, the FBI has come under heightened threats. A Cincinnati FBI field office was attacked by an armed man last week, who was then fatally shot by police.

As a result of “a deluge of violent threats on social media,” which present a threat to law enforcement, two of the top congressional Democrats on the House Oversight Committee wrote letters to social media companies on Friday.

Carolyn Maloney of New York, the committee’s head, and Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts, the chair of the subcommittee on national security, urged you to act quickly to address any threats of violence against law enforcement that occur on your company’s platforms.

In addition, information regarding how social media firms are handling the threats was asked in the letters, which were issued to Meta, Twitter, TikTok, Truth Social, Rumble, Gettr, Telegram, and Gab.

Miguel said he was not encouraging violence in his interview with NBC News.

He declared, “I am in no way supporting any type of vigilante, extra-judicial, unlawful, or other violence against federal authorities.”

Miguel asserted that his tweet was in reference to legislation that would call for Florida’s approval before federal agencies could operate there and that individuals might defend themselves against threats to their lives or property.

He claimed that he discovered the Twitter suspension when he checked his account on Friday morning and that he has appealed the decision to the social media platform.

In an interview with Florida Politics earlier on Friday, Miguel defended the tweet, claiming that it was justified because the IRS had been “weaponized by dissident forces” — an apparent allusion to false claims made by some Republicans that the tax agency was assembling an armed force of 80,000 agents to target common Americans.

Miguel said that Instagram took down a related post on Friday. It seemed as though the account had been deleted by Friday night.

His Instagram and Facebook accounts were deleted, according to a spokesman of Meta, the business that owns Facebook and Instagram.

In the primary on Tuesday, Republican state representative Bobby Payne and Miguel are also candidates. The Florida Department of State reports that there are only two candidates.