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Anne Heche reportedly had cocaine in her system during car crash

Anne Heche was under the influence of cocaine when she slammed her car into a Los Angeles home, according to a report. Authorities drew blood from the 53-year-old actress after the life-threatening crash on Aug. 5 in the Mar Vista neighborhood on L.A.’s west side. There was no alcohol in Heche’s system, but there was cocaine, TMZ reported Thursday, citing police sources. The tests were also …



A report claims that Anne Heche crashed her automobile into a Los Angeles residence while under the influence of cocaine.

Following the potentially fatal collision on August 5 in the west side of Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood, police took blood from the 53-year-old actress.

According to TMZ, the tests also revealed that fentanyl was present. Because opioids are also prescribed as painkillers in hospitals, police are unsure if they contributed to the collision.

Heche was seriously burned during the collision and is still in critical condition.

We simply asked ourselves, “How could you endure that?” Because even outside the house it was difficult for us to breathe,” witness Lynn Bernstein told People magazine following the accident.

Lynne Mishele, who resides in the house, has a GoFundMe put up by neighbors.