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Another Married Couple from Love Is Blind has a bite the dust

The hit Netflix show, “Love Is Blind,” saw two couples get married at the end of Season 2. Unfortunately, time hasn’t been kind to the TV stars.



On Season 2 of the popular reality television program “Love Is Blind,” participants Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson exchanged vows, but not without some deliberation on their parts. Ruhl spoke openly with Access Hollywood in a March interview “On this, we switched sides. There were times when I felt 100% yes and he felt 100% no, and for me, this was because the feelings I felt during the encounter made me question whether or not I should wait.”

Even though the couple had second thoughts about getting hitched, their immediate chemistry and connection both on and off the screen seemed promising. The couple seemed to be having a fantastic time at Lollapalooza at the beginning of August, as shown in an Instagram image by Ruhl. Of course, social media never gives the whole picture. The duration of Ruhl and Thompson’s romance has now been shortened further than some fans might have anticipated.

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl Significant Relationship News

The relationship between Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson has ended; according to Page Six, Ruhl filed for divorce in the middle of August. It might surprise some that the Season 2 contestants have already split up after commemorating their first wedding anniversary in June. Additionally, Ruhl mentioned her wish for a future wedding reception in a July Us Weekly interview. She also imagined having a family in the future with her beau. Ruhl stated to the source, “To completely humiliate Nick and them, I can’t wait to have kids. I genuinely can’t wait. However, because of how quickly we were married, it is not in the [plans] for the upcoming two years.”

Not just Ruhl and Thompson from the movie “Love Is Blind” recently ended their marriage. By the end of Season 2, only another couple—costars Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones—had exchanged vows. In a joint Instagram post earlier this month, McNeely and Jones disclosed their separation. They claimed, “Despite the fact that we are in love with one another, it’s alright if our lives are taking separate turns. We will always wish each other the best, and making this choice was by no means simple.” This is life.

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