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As southwest faces unrelenting rain, tourists at Carlsbad National Parks

This weekend, unrelenting rain is causing flash floods across the southwest, New Mexico. In Utah, rescue crews at Zion National Park are still searching for Jetal Agnihotri. Meanwhile, in the northea



The southwest is experiencing relentless rain, leaving tourists stranded at Carlsbad National Parks.

There are two minutes and seven seconds of it.

Flash floods have been reported throughout the southwest this weekend due to the persistent rain. A total of 150 tourists were left stranded at Carlsbad National Parks in New Mexico because of rising water levels. The search for missing graduate student Jetal Agnihotri continues in Zion National Park, Utah, where he was swept away by a current on Friday. Drought-like conditions are giving way to severe storms and heavy rains in the northeast. Already, Delta Airlines is canceling flights because of the impending storm.