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Australian mum’s warning after her baby falls from changing table

An Australian mum has issued a warning to parents and told of her horror ordeal when her six-month-old daughter fell from their changing table and fractured their skull.



After her infant son fell off a table during a nappy change and fractured his skull, an Australian mother issued a warning to other parents.

The Instagram post was shared by parenting organization Tiny Hearts Education to remind people that any child who falls from a height double their own needs immediate medical attention.

The mother said her six-month-old daughter, who had not yet started rolling over without assistance, fell from a changing able onto a marble floor while the mum’s back was turned for a moment.

‘I was changing my six-month-old daughter’s nappy on a change table at my in-laws where the wipes were positioned behind me,’ the woman wrote.

“As I turned around to grab a wipe, she rolled off the table onto the marble floor, landing on her side.” “She hasn’t started rolling without assistance or with much speed yet.”

The mum had seen a previous post from Tiny Hearts advising parents to seek medical attention if their child had faller from a height double their own so she and her mother-in-law immediately drove the baby to the hospital which was only five minutes away.

‘In the car she was closing her eyes and falling asleep, I kept her awake until we reached the ED,’ the concerned mum recalled.

‘They admitted us for two hours of monitoring, however the junior doctor hadn’t felt the impact site and I was noticing a cephalohematoma emerging.’

The accumulation of blood under the scalp causes a cephalohematoma, which manifests as a raised bump on the head.

She advised the nurse of the bump who got a senior doctor to scan the child’s head and found a five-centimetre fracture but ‘thankfully’ no bleeding or obvious brain damage. ‘I had watched a lecture the day before coincidentally on paediatric trauma that advised that a cephalohematoma is a fracture until proven otherwise,’ the mum added.

‘So glad I was empowered to advocate for my child!’

The post racked up hundreds of likes and dozens of comments from parents thankful for the potentially life-saving advice.

“This is a good one, I didn’t know this — anything double their height take straight to the hospital,” wrote one concerned mother.

‘Oh my goodness, how scary and how fragile/tiny does the bubba look going in that big machine,’ another replied.

‘My boy has totally fallen at least a few times double his height and I didn’t take him to hospital. I had no idea!” remarked a third.

Head of Tiny Hearts Education and former paramedic Nikki Jurcutz offered some words of wisdom for parents to keep in mind in the event their child experiences a fall in the post.

She advised parents to seek immediate medical attention for their children if they had fallen from a height twice their own. ⁠

‘Even if they look completely fine. Although it may have appeared that their landing wasn’t too severe. Even if it was an accident.’

Nikki said signs and symptoms after a fall don’t always show up straight away and falling from a height twice as tall as the child can put them at risk of a moderate to severe head injury.

She also instructed parents to call triple zero for an ambulance for moderate to severe head injuries.