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Bear Grylls has recorded his voice to be made into an animated film

In the new animated movie Bear Grylls Young Adventurer: Endangered, Bear Grylls speaks in his younger self’s voice.



Bear Grylls, an explorer and Primetime Emmy winner, will have his very own prequel! The TV personality, well known for his Emmy-nominated survival series Man Vs. Wild, will be taking on a challenge he’s never faced before: voicing his 14-year-old self in the animated film Bear Grylls Young Adventurer: Endangered.

From the age of 14, Grylls’ life will be chronicled in his animated coming-of-age movie, taking viewers on a brand-new journey. Endangered explores how the former British soldier discovered his love of travel and pushed his own limits by following a young child who swaps “his school classroom for the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.” In the animated movie, the young Grylls unexpectedly finds himself in a dangerous and exciting situation when he joins a top-secret, children’s-only rescue team called Secret Ops Squad as a brand-new recruit. The five fearless teenagers who make up Grylls’ newfound family will bring attention to environmental problems “including deforestation and species extinction” as they traverse the world.

Grylls considers how the film depicts his early years: “Making the ultimate animated adventure, bursting with bravery, generosity, and a never-give-up mentality, was always the aim with this film. Jungle missions, getting into many scrapes and adventures with my best friends, and attempting to save and preserve the globe are the kinds of things that I was addicted to as a child. It’s amazing to see how the production crew used a young Bear Grylls to create such an uplifting, enjoyable, and inspiring trip. “Endangered” has it all.”

While some of the animated film may resemble a child’s fantasy of an action-packed adventure, the high-intensity way of living isn’t wholly unrealistic. Before serving three years in the British Special Forces, Grylls began his martial arts training at a very young age. He developed many of the abilities that viewers see him use in his television appearances there. These programs include six seasons of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, an interactive, Emmy-nominated series on Netflix titled You Vs. Wild, seven seasons of the Discovery Channel series Man Vs. Wild, which featured celebrity guests like former President Barack Obama, Will Ferrell, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, and others; and a collaboration between Grylls and Netflix on the critically acclaimed film Animals on the Loose. With his first foray into the animated world with Endangered, Bear Grylls will reach an even larger audience with his indisputably inspirational messages.

Ben Bailey Smith (Persuasion) as Ty, Sean Teale (Little Voice) as Toro, Rae Lim (Four Weddings and a Funeral) as Mei, and Kevin Eldon will accompany Grylls on his cartoon adventures (Game of Thrones).

Endangered is being made by Bron Studios in collaboration with Platinum Files and Bear Grylls Adventures. Bron Studios is the production company behind 2019’s The Addams Family and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Luke Bradford created the opening sequence for the series, which is directed by Nigel Stone.

Although a release date for Endangered has not yet been announced, you can see the teaser trailer below: