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Berserk’s Guts made him more popular among viewers

Fans have learned more about Guts over time, finding a great deal of respect for his resilience.



The mercenary known only as Guts was the inspiration for one of the most iconic antiheroes in seinen manga/anime history, and the series Berserk is widely considered among the best of its kind. He was the story’s first protagonist, but he wasn’t particularly likeable at the start.

Guts was never hated by Berserk readers, but he didn’t immediately grab them either. However, Berserk quickly found numerous methods to increase the audience’s affection for Guts, from highlighting his emotional side to showcasing his cool combat tricks and other virtues and strengths. Guts’s legion of devoted fans have undoubtedly found countless reasons to root for him through the tough times.

In a Bold Move, He Exposed His Inner Tsundere

Guts is a tsundere, a type of anime character who appears cold or distant but actually harbors a warm and caring heart. As the story progressed, fans saw this side of Guts and realized he wasn’t as obnoxious as he first appeared.

Popular tsunderes include fiery female characters like Taiga Aisaka and Chitoge Kirisaki, but the trope can also be applied to masculine anime characters like Guts. This provides a healthy counterpoint to the character’s tough exterior without compromising it.

Took Friendship’s Strength in Its Own Hands

The strength of friendship and the loyalty of “nakama” is a source of fortitude for more than just Natsu Dragneel and Monkey D. Luffy. Guts may have been raised to be an individualist, but he’s come around to the value of friendship in his own rough, tsundere way.

Although Guts isn’t the type to get all teary-eyed over things, he did appreciate his time with the Band of the Hawk and was proud of the second party he put together. At a time when Guts felt like he had reached rock bottom as the lone struggler, this thought brought immediate relief.

Humor was also embraced by guts.

Even though Guts isn’t exactly a model citizen, he became more endearing in the eyes of Berserk readers once he began to display passable comedic timing. The water bucket battle between Guts and Griffith at the beginning of the Golden Age story arc is a prime example, as are Guts’ witty asides throughout the story.

You don’t have to compromise your tough image to add a touch of humor to your character’s personality, and even someone as serious as Guts can benefit from it. Every single person on the planet has the capacity to laugh at something, so this was sure to endear Guts to more people.

For Guts, Casca Was the One.

As a tsundere, Guts eventually had to stop suppressing his -dere side and embrace his tsun side. In fact, he did. When Guts joined the Band of the Hawk, he met Casca, one of Griffith’s biggest fans and a beautiful, courageous knight he eventually fell in love with.

A fascinating love triangle developed when Caca, who initially disliked Guts, came to realize that Guts cared about her more than Griffith did. Both Guts and Casca had suffered severe traumas in their lives, but when they locked lips in passionate embrace, the wounds of the past were forgotten. That made them both more appealing as tough, heroic fantasy characters.

Motivating tenacity in the face of adversity, as demonstrated by guts.

The eerie Skeleton Knight has good reason to refer to Guts as the “struggler” throughout their encounters. This isn’t meant as an insult to Guts; rather, it’s a subtle hint that the Skeleton Knight secretly respects him for his ability to fight so valiantly against overwhelming odds. At least, those who read Berserk do.

Although the conflict Guts faces is entirely made up, readers of seinen manga may find inspiration in his incredible bravery and dogged determination to achieve his goal despite facing terrifying odds. Even after the Eclipse, fans still didn’t get that vibe from Guts.

The willingness to give people a second chance was the first sign of courage.

There are some anime villains who should never be forgiven. Still, Farnese Vandimion, leader of the Holy Iron Chain Knights, deserves a second chance even in the Berserk universe. She initially agitated Guts per Vatican directives, but that relationship eventually cooled.

Farnese ultimately realized that the Holy See wasn’t the place for her to discover her destiny. Because of this, Guts invited her to join his team, and he also invited Farnese’s bodyguard, Serpico.

Courage Emerged as a Military Icon

In many episodes, Guts is shown killing Apostles who bother him nightly or confronting the snake lord on his own accord. But he doesn’t always fight because he wants to advance his own interests. In the Golden Age arc, Guts matured into a respectable war hero, which boosted his popularity.

Heroes in battle, be they common soldiers or chivalrous knights, are always fascinating to readers and viewers. And that’s exactly what he did in Midland, where he fought to defend the realm from Tudor invaders. The citizens of the city did the right thing by honoring Guts, Casca, and the others as war heroes.

A Legendary Bond Between Guts and Griffith

While the Black Swordsman arc showed Guts to be completely alone, the Golden Age arc quickly changed that. At first, Guts was hesitant to open up to his fellow mercenaries, particularly the commander who had scouted him—Griffith.

Guts agreed to be Griffith’s friend and ally, pledging to fight alongside him against any threat. Even though this inspiring rivalry eventually turned into something much darker, it was still worth seeing. There followed a period in which Guts’s friendship was tested as never before.

Courage Conquered His Evil Self

The heroes of many shonen and seinen stories have to fight off their own demons, the part of themselves that wants to give in to violence and rage. A few examples would be Ichigo Kurosaki’s inner Hollow, Ken Kaneki’s ghoul side, and Naofumi Iwatani’s Wrath Shield.

Meanwhile, Guts has to confront the creature of the night, the personification of his worst rage. In recent years, Guts has learned to channel his rage into destructive actions, but if he isn’t careful, he risks becoming just as monstrous as the people he wants to destroy and even harm, like Casca. Therefore, Guts does a commendable job of pushing back against this obscurity to keep himself intact.

Strong Nerves Showed Their Worth in Exciting Power Struggles

The popularity of an action hero can be increased by having them fight off increasingly formidable foes with nothing but their wits and determination. As expected, Guts continued to increase the stakes in Berserk by taking on increasingly difficult challenges and ultimately prevailing.

Seeing Guts vanquish the snake lord was exciting, but that wasn’t even the best part. To the amazement of seinen fans everywhere, Guts defeated Father Mozgus and his avian minions at the Albion tower, and then he donned his berserker armor to take on the mightiest monsters of the Kushan Empire and triumphed in spectacular fashion.

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