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Big Details on Universal’s New Epic Universe Theme Park Emerge

The new park will give Universal Studios three Florida theme parks, making it a stronger rival to Walt Disney’s Disney World.



With the addition of the new park, Universal Studios will now have three theme parks in Florida, giving it a stronger edge over Walt Disney’s Disney World.

Despite the fact that there are theme parks all over the world, Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, is the core of the industry. Get The Walt Disney Company Report at (DIS) Disney World engages in significant combat with Comcast (CMCSA) – View the Comcast Corporation Class A Common Stock Report less stunning than usual Universal Studios.

Disney has an advantage over its competition because it merely provides more.

Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom are the four dedicated theme parks at Disney World. Additionally, it has two water parks, the sizable Disney Springs shopping district, and a staggering number of hotels and resorts that are regarded to be on-property.

Disney’s offerings simply outweigh those of Universal. The Universal Studios complex consists of two theme parks, one water park (which the corporation says is a theme park), a shopping district that isn’t quite as stunning as Disney Springs, and a comparable but more constrained assortment of resorts/hotels.

Disney doesn’t only use size as a point of pride; it influences how travelers book their trips.

It takes more than five days to enjoy Disney World to the fullest with its four parks and a variety of other attractions. It makes logical to take a week to process everything.

The two theme parks of Universal may be visited in two days, but the total resort simply has fewer attractions than Disney World.

When Epic Universe, Universal’s anticipated third gate, opens in 2025, that will alter.

Information About the Epic Universe

Only that it exists and that building has started have been officially confirmed by Universal regarding Epic Universe.

What is known is that the new theme park will feature a Nintendo-themed area called NTDOF, which is most likely to contain the same attractions as Super Nintendo Land at Universal Studios Japan. These consist of amusements based on well-known Nintnedo characters:

Koopa’s Challenge in Mario Kart: a driving simulator modeled around well-known video games: a driving simulator modeled around well-known video games Yoshi’s Adventure is a fun, interactive, “dark” ride for the whole family.

A fun, interactive “dark” ride for families Shadow Showdown vs. Bowser Jr.: This attraction, which is immersive and spread around the park and is more of a participatory in-park adventure than a ride, requires the purchase of a Power-Up.

Along with such rides and attractions, Epic Universe is anticipated to contain a roller coaster with a Donkey Kong motif as well as one inspired by the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies, which Universal has already begun construction on, according to Orlando Park Stop.

The website stated that “roller coaster track is already on location for the How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster and the Donkey Kong mine cart coaster.”

Additionally, it stated that track will be moved into an Epic Universe staging area for a roller coaster with much greater ambitions that is still unnamed.

The report stated that “new roller coaster track has now appeared for what may be the most exhilarating ride at Epic Universe.” “For at least one key attraction at the planned theme park, Mack Rides has been expected to provide ride track. Concept art and blueprints for Epic Universe depict a huge two-track steel roller coaster.”

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new images More Information About Epic Universe

Additionally, a third “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” attraction is anticipated but has not yet been confirmed at Epic Universe. Although Universal has not officially confirmed it, rumors have suggested that the area will be themed to the Ministry of Magic.

Theme Park Tourist said that a new aerial photo has since surfaced, “showing the site with the layout of the Classic Monsters Land being seen.”

However, the website has alleged that a land devoted to Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, and other recognizable characters will be a component of the park. Universal has not confirmed that an Epic Universe “land” will be devoted to its legendary monsters.

Due to the covid epidemic, Universal halted development on Epic Universe in July 2020. The park, which is scheduled to open in 2025, has resumed construction.