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Billy Corgan and Triple H discuss the current state of WWE

Billy Corgan hit the interview hot seat as NWA owner and talked about some of his past interactions with Triple H. The podcast was highly anticipated and definitely did not disappoint.



People even outside the WWE bubble are expressing their thoughts on the future of the company in response to Triple H taking over as Head of Creative after Vince McMahon retired.

While appearing on “The Ariel Helwani Show,” NWA Owner Billy Corgan commented, “I think you had a solid idea of what Triple H’s goal was for wrestling.” Not only via his ring career, but also through the manner he managed “NXT” for a period. Shawn Michaels, who is currently in charge and is one of the greatest superstars of all time, is also amazing.

In the Black and Gold era of “NXT,” Triple H oversaw the creative department. He experienced a serious health crisis, though, that necessitated surgery, just as the program was about to adopt the “NXT 2.0” moniker. Following Triple H’s resignation as “NXTexecutive “‘s director, Shawn Michaels has taken over. Michaels is currently formally employed by WWE as Vice President of Talent Development and Creative.

Corgan talked about any interactions he may have had with Triple H in recent years.

The Houston library was a topic Corgan and Triple H often discussed. “We simply never managed to come to an agreement so that I could give him access to that collection, and for a long, we spoke about joining the [WWE] Network. I’ve never interacted with WWE in any way that was less than good.”

WWE has moved its content from the now-defunct WWE Network in the US to Peacock, an NBCUniversal-run streaming service, effective of March 2021.

Please give credit to “The Ariel Helwani Show” and give a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcribing if you use any of the quotes in this article.

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