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Brandon Green is All About Emma Watson’s rumored new boyfriend

They were found in Venice together.



of fashion mogul Sir Philip Green. Some people are taking these photos as proof that Watson and Brandon are dating, as that was the general assumption before they were released. Watson sported a black satchel and sandals in the photos, while her red and white sundress caught the eye. Her fictitious boyfriend wore a navy blue shirt and matching slacks.

Where does Brandon Green come from?

Sir Philip Green, founder of the Arcadia Group and a major player in the fast fashion industry, is the father of Brandon Green. Despite the “severe impact” on sales that COVID-19 had in 2020, the family business appears to be thriving. His net worth was put at £910m by the Sunday Times Rich List. He has made some questionable business decisions and lives an extravagant lifestyle, making him something of a divisive figure in the United Kingdom.

He frequently brings his son with him, especially to fashion shows, and he was once romantically linked to model Kate Moss.

Brandon recently developed an enthusiasm for environmental studies and philanthropy.

Watson is a committed climate change activist who traveled to Glasgow for the COP26 summit in 2016. Sustainability in fashion is a topic she frequently discusses in her talks.

In what capacity did Brandon Green first become acquainted with Emma Watson?

Watson’s friends were “surprised” to learn that she was dating Brandon, despite the fact that she has admitted she often asks them to set her up on dates.

In September of last year, photographers caught them as they stepped out of a chopper in London’s Battersea neighborhood for the first time as a couple.