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Breakheart Reservation Fires Burn Through 5th Day In Saugus

Smoke from the fires is combining with smoke from the nearby Lynn Woods Reservation to make for a hazy weekend across the region.



SAUGASSEE RIVER VALLEY, MA — Fighting in the woods of the Breakheart Reservation in Saugus and Wakefield continued on Saturday, with firefighters slogging through another day of fire while smoke cast a thick haze over much of the region.

Five days into what has become a series of large fires at Breakheart, crews in the surrounding area have redoubled warnings while noting a local fire response network that has been stretched thin by recent activity.

The Rowley Fire Department warned residents on Saturday that “extremely dry conditions” were making it easy for even small fires to quickly spread and grow.

Crews from Rowley were in Saugus, along with those from the Saugus Fire Department, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and a few others.

On Friday, firefighters from Topsfield were on the Breakheart Reservation. On Saturday, they returned to the region in order to assist with a mutual-aid call in North Reading.

The recent days have been particularly busy for local firefighters due to large-scale fires on the Breakheart Reservation and the nearby Lynn Woods Reservation.

These come as a month-long fire in Rockport, which prompted Governor Charlie Baker to call out the National Guard, has been brought under control.

Officials say the blazes in Breakheart began of “suspicious” means on Tuesday. As of Thursday evening, they had burned at least 25 acres, and authorities anticipate that number to rise in the coming days.

On Saturday, firefighters could be seen working off Main Street in Saugus, close to the border between Saugus and Wakefield, while other crews were stationed at various points around the reservation.

A social media post from the Boxford Fire Department on Saturday described the efforts of its members, who had helped bring water from one of the lakes to the Breakheart fire line.

According to the Boxford fire department’s report, “the fire burned deep and hot.” “Many trees were cut down because the fire had charred their centers and penetrated their bases.”

Both the Lynn Woods and the Breakheart Reservation have been identified as having ongoing fire conditions and smoke.

Smoke was visible from miles away for drivers and residents on Saturday afternoon, especially in parts of Wakefield and along the Lynn Fells Parkway.

A cautionary message on a moving billboard in Saugus continued to convey some of that data.

The sign simply read, “Caution.” “Wildfire smoke on the parkway.”

The first publication of the article Breakheart Reservation Fires Burn Through Fifth Day in Saugus was on the Wakefield Patch.