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Brian Stelter is an Impeccable broadcaster and was quickly scooped up by History

CNN canceled Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” after celebrating its 30-year anniversary in March.



CNN has been attempting to reduce costs while simultaneously presenting a less biased product. Stelter, who has been a regular target of the network’s conservative detractors, published the 2020 book “Hoax” on Fox News Channel and has been critical of the organization.

“I feel our largest contribution out here is to enlighten people about how the media truly works (and) why reporters do what they do,” Stelter said in a program commemorating the occasion. CNN weekend anchor Christi Paul makes a sad exit: “Nobody else is going to be my kids’ mom.” “Because understanding how and why the press works is the foundation for the best criticisms and the most persuasive arguments about enhancing the press,”

He went on: “We all use media in some capacity, and we all carry broadcasting equipment in our pockets, making us all media consumers today. I have made an effort to approach this program from their point of view.”

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Stelter was a media columnist for The New York Times before joining CNN.

According to Amy Entelis, executive vice president of talent and content development at CNN, “He departs CNN as an exceptional broadcaster.” “We are proud of the work Brian and his colleagues have done over the years, and we’re convinced that their influence will last far beyond the program,” they said.

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