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Bride’s brother-in-law is a married man, so he is learning ASL It takes him longer to learn than anticipated

A deaf girl named Riley was born. She is learning American Sign Language and uses cochlear implants to find new ways to express herself. Her bright attitude is bringing joy to her family and friends,



In order to incorporate a deaf flower girl, the bride’s brother-in-law discreetly learns ASL before officiating the ceremony.

Timing: 02:14

Riley Pacala, age 2, was born deaf. Riley utilizes her cochlear implants and American Sign Language to express herself in new ways. Riley’s upbeat disposition made her family happy, so her uncle Brain Regan and his fiance Jamie Kehoe felt Riley would make the ideal flower girl for their New Jersey wedding. To everyone’s amazement, including Riley, the bride’s brother-in-law, who was officiating the ceremony, learned ASL and spent weeks practicing. His gesture of inclusion inspired unwavering love and provided a lasting example for inclusion for his family.