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Browns QB Deshaun Watson begins mandatory counseling

As part of the settlement agreed upon by the NFL and NFL Players Association, Watson’s deal “requires compliance with a professional evaluation and treatment plan” for him to be eligible to return to the field.



Deshaun Watson, the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, was sentenced last week to an 11-game suspension and a $5 million fine following many allegations of sexual assault during massage sessions that have dogged his status for more than a year.

In accordance with the terms of the settlement reached by the NFL and the NFL Players Association, Watson’s contract states that in order to be allowed to return to the field, he must “comply with a professional examination and treatment plan.”

Watson again insisted on his innocence when dealing with reporters last week, as he has done since last year.

At the time, the 26-year-old added, “I’ve always stood on my innocence and always claimed I’ve never assaulted anyone or mistreated anyone, and I’m continuing to stand on that.

Prior to a preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on August 12, Watson did express regret “to all of the women that I have impacted in this circumstance.”

According to King, “I get the impression that the Browns are hoping that at some point Watson would see what he either doesn’t realize or a denial he has been continuously fed by his enablers—that he did nothing wrong.” “According to the New York Times, the Browns very likely think counseling can help Watson figure out why he sought treatment from 66 massage therapists in 18 months. He has made a positive step by starting the counseling, so congratulations.”

As of this now, the Browns are committed to starting Watson’s backup, Jacoby Brissett, in each of the games Watson will miss. On September 11, Cleveland plays host to the Carolina Panthers, who have Baker Mayfield as their starting quarterback.

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