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Bungie has revealed details of what is happening in their upcoming event

People are obsessed with the ‘Fall’en.



It’s no secret that most players aren’t surprised to hear that a fan-favorite raid will be returning to Destiny 2 in Season 18, but specifics regarding the upcoming expansion have already been leaked. The new season and the impending Lightfall expansion will be announced at a showcase hosted by Bungie on August 23. But according to leaks, we know what the new season will be called and which raid will be making a return.

In the past, Josh Hunt, a Twitter user, has reliably leaked correct details about the upcoming Destiny 2 game. That next season will be on the Fallen and be titled “Season of the Plunder,” they say. Additionally, two new seasonal events, Hideouts and Expedition, have been announced. Most individuals have already correctly guessed that King’s Fall will be the target of the raid. As an added bonus, another leak has shown that a “Destiny 2 Free Week” may be coming with Season 18.

Subclasses will receive their last update until the next season, which will bring with it Arc 3.0. Bungie has already spilled the beans, revealing that both the Hunters and Titans will be receiving new Supers and Class Abilities, respectively. Curiously, the cult classic Jason Statham film Crank 2: High Voltage has been credited as the basis for this revamp. The seasonal artifact modifications have also been announced, including the return of fan favorites like the Sundering Glare and the Anti-Barrier sniper rifle.

The developers of Destiny 2 have stated that future sandbox updates would reduce the game’s cyclical nature. With so many different options, this will also help ensure that players don’t just use the same weapons over and over again in the game (the so-called “current meta”). In addition, rumors of a Destiny/Fortnite crossover have emerged, albeit with scant information; we can only hope that more will be disclosed during the upcoming Bungie showcase.

Possible updates on Bungie’s intentions for a TV series/movie, as well as information regarding the future Destiny mobile game, could be announced at the showcase.

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