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But she’s not the only celebrity to keep a snappy swimsuit in her closet Follow these stars who are also down with wearing extra-swimmies

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Tiffani Thiessen recently posted a photo to Instagram in which she poses in a bikini on the beach, highlighting her extremely toned legs and sculpted arms.

The 48-year-old actress loves doing Pilates and strength training to get in shape and better her sleep.

Tiffani enjoys avocado toast so much that she has it almost every morning for breakfast.

Holy cow! Tiffani Thiessen recently posted a rare swimsuit photo to Instagram, complete with an iconic caption and a view of her incredibly toned legs and arms. She looks amazing on the beach in that sleek black one piece that she’s wearing in the photo.

The Saved by the Bell starlet struck a mighty pose in front of some picturesque boulders in Mendocino, California.

With the caption, “When you get caught trying to find a place to pee,” the actress shared a photo of herself in a public restroom. The famous are regular people, too.

Some of the commenters among the fans went into a panic. “HELLO. “I didn’t know they were making a new Baywatch series!!!!” exclaimed one fan. “HOT MOM,” said a third. A devotee exclaimed, ” SMOKESHOW!!! ” You can’t blame me for using all caps for this picture. Hey, there, Tiff!

The star of 90210 swears by her workout routines and credits them with helping her get a good night’s sleep.

She told herself, “Exercise helps everything, and it 100% impacts my sleep.” I notice a significant change in how my body feels later that night if I don’t get my usual exercise in; it makes it difficult to fall asleep, and I’ve found it messes with the quality of my sleep as well.

Tiffani doesn’t like sticking to a routine, so she mixes up her workouts to stay in shape. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I attend classes in strength training and HIIT, while on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I practice mat Pilates. “On the weekends, I usually go hiking,” she told herself.

She even posted an Instagram photo from one of her treks.

What’s more, though, is that there’s more to come! Tiffani mentioned her favorite Peloton teacher when discussing her worldwide exercise routine. My favorite rider on Peloton was Cody Rigsby. I can’t count the number of rides I took without him. “He’s the cutest cheerleader ever,” she gushed.

Despite the fact that many gyms were forced to close in the early stages of the pandemic, Tiffani has also resumed in-person training because she missed the camaraderie and motivation that come from working out with others.

Tiffani enjoys a traditional American breakfast food—avocado toast—to fuel her body each morning. Since we’re all native Californians, avocado toast is a morning staple at our place,” Tiffani told People in 2020.

“80 percent of the time I’m eating very well, and 20 percent of the time I’m a little more adventurous,” she said of her diet, which she described as something she is very conscious of maintaining. This is a plan that appeals to me.

Have a wonderful summer, Tiff.

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